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Want to know what Mitt Romney and Barak Obama looked like in high school? Well, the 70s probably had a lot do with it. To find out which candidate was more well-rounded, and which candidate looked like a member of Abba, click here.

Considering Romney was once in the Glee Club, perhaps he will sing and dance for us if he is elected president. When he wasn’t bopping to the top, Romney was his high school hockey team manager, on the pep squad, and cross country team. He also showed an early leadership role by stepping in as chairman of the Salt Lake City Organizing Committee. While Romney was boosting his college resume, Obama was shooting hoops. The President’s only extracurricular activity was basketball. But, I’d say he deserves the better style brownie points with his impressive afro and wide, pointy collar.

You can get a glimpse of many other popular politicians on this site as well, including Bill Clinton and Sarah Palin. There are also some pretty hilarious undergrad stories about these policymakers, such as Rick Santorum’s nickname “Rooster,” for his beer-chugging ability during his college years at Penn State.

I think that any of these representatives would be interesting to see at a high school or college party. Although, I doubt that Palin went to many wild gatherings, considering her title of “Head of Fellowship Christian Athletics.”  But, that’s not to say she never witnessed a bumping party full of Russians from her house.

-Shannon Hazlitt


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Want a workout that can give you abs in 10 seconds?

So do I, but this one does take a little more time. However, you only need to hold each pose for 5- 10 counts and do three repositions of each.

Oh and there are only five moves. I’m pretty bad at math, but it seems like that’s a pretty speedy way to get a core. For those of you who are even worse at math than me (although part of me doesn’t think you exist) this workout is 90 seconds max.

I also actually think it works because I’ve done a couple of the moves sporadically on my own for longer sets and seen some results.

One more plug for this workout- it’s yoga so you can get abs while you’re distressing. I’d say this is one of those workouts you want to make time for  and the good news is – it’s not even that much time.

Oh, by the way. I also stumbled upon (see what I did there) these while roaming the internet. If these can’t get your boy’s interest, I don’t know what will.

-Shannon Hazlitt


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I’m probably real late to the party, but I’ve just recently discovered STUMBLEUPON. Since discovering this blackhole of time and internet space, I’ve found some pretty cool, funny, interesting, fun, MORE ADJECTIVES, stuff and that got me thinking….

Why not share the JERK finds with everyone else?

We’re not selfish.. We like to share.

What we’ve done is collected the coolest links we’ve stumbled upon over the week and put them in a nice post for everyone. As you’ll see, they’ll be categorized under the writers name, that way, you can check out the stuff that your favorite jerk blogger came across – or maybe expose yourself to another bloggers interests. Hell,  maybe you found something awesome that you want to share with everyone, in which case, you’ll just want to send the stumble upon link to blog (at) jerkmagazine (dot) net and we’ll post it up as long as it doesn’t suck.

Enough rambling, onto the goods.

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