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Congrats to Dylan Lustig and Taylor Carr for running two great campaigns. Dylan Lusig won the election, and it was hard not to know that he was running for the presidency of Student Association. While reaching for a napkin at Ernie Davis last month, I saw Lustig’s face on the side of the napkin dispenser and my newsfeed on Facebook has been flooded with reminders to vote for him.

His campaign did bring a lot of attention to Student Association, but after attending a SA meeting last week, I was left disappointed by our school’s student governing body. Last Monday, the association debated for nearly 45 minutes about allowing a student cultural society to hold an event entirely in Mandarin. SA has even denied JERK its funding because of a human error concerning scheduling.

Neal Casey, the current Student association president seems to be in love with his gavel, having banged it several times when he was not happy about the direction the debate was going. At one point I turned to a person sitting next to me and said, “This is intense, man.”

This is only one meeting that I attended and cannot say that this is how all the group’s meetings take place, but it was disappointing to see the high school style atmosphere. In my interview with Dylan Lustig last month he said there was not much interaction between the group and the student body and one can see why. I hope Lustig accomplishes all of his goals and brings the changes he wants to SA, but I will not call him “Mr. President.”

-Brysan Brown

I have not left Syracuse since I came back for the fall semester in August, and I am ready to get the hell out of here–even if it is only for a few days. Although this longer Thanksgiving break came at the expense of not getting days off for religious holidays, I am thankful for the longer holiday. After going to the mall three times already this semester and heading to a football game, I have once again come to the realization that this town has absolutely nothing to offer for the city dweller that I am.

Thanks to Student Association for providing buses to the major cities along the East Coast. For those of us in this time zone not looking forward to the overcrowded Greyhound and Megabus, the convenience of hopping on a bus at Schine is better than spending 20 plus bucks for a cab or waiting for an unreliable Centro bus. As per usual, I will carry some reading material with me and not read a single page during my exodus from upstate New York.

I cannot wait to return to my hometown where I can choose from world class dining franchises, such as Bubba Gump Shrimp and TGI Friday’s in Times Square. I am looking forward to sophisticated homeless people who do not live on Marshall Street but rather call the A train home. Screw the Carousel Center, I will be free to shop from 59th Street all the way down to Soho. Ah, home here I come. Tourists, get the hell out of my way!

-Brysan Brown

Dylan Lustig, a sophomore international and economics major, and Taylor Carr, a junior public relations major, are both vying for the position of Student Association President. While both candidates will instantly inform you that they are friendly and cordial with each other, they disagree on policy and the direction of SA. For instance, many students do not know what SA is and its role on campus, and both candidates have sharply different views on how to fix this.

Carr believes a heavier emphasis on communication will lead to more awareness of SA. “We’ve had a really lackluster public relations effort since January,” Carr said. Lustig, meanwhile, agrees with Carr on the issue of communications and marketing of SA, but strongly believes SA should change its name from Student Association to Student Government Association. On the other hand, Carr disagrees with this name change. “It’s not about changing the name, it’s about how we reach out to students,” he said.

Whether SA changes its name or attempts to reach out to more students, it will have a difficult time acquiring the attention of an unaware and, at times, oblivious student body that does not know much about the inner workings of its university or student leadership.


Whether it is in the skyscrapers of New York and Boston, the studios of Los Angeles or at the small offices in your hometown, many Syracuse students spend their summers interning to build their résumés. Due to the current job market, many SU students rely on internships to make themselves stand out to potential employers. With the cost of tuition astoundingly high, many SU students who wish to intern over the summer for credit have grumbled about the cost it would take to obtain credit for a summer internship.

For an undergraduate student who interned in the summer of 2011 the cost of one credit was $966. While this amount is not egregiously high, it does add up to the countless number of Syracuse students who relocate to another city for the summer. For all of the Visual and Performing Arts and Newhouse students who spend the summer working in New York or LA, the cost of housing, food and other expenses (the nightlife) adds up to an amount that many parents have second doubts about spending to assist their children. For all of the political science and public affairs students that make Washington, DC their home in the summer, living expenses plus the nearly one thousand dollar cost of credit may lead to many not taking internships at all.

Many companies and corporations require that their interns obtain credit from their colleges and universities due to legal obligations, therefore, many students have to pay the credit cost. The Syracuse University administration should consider allowing students to be billed for their summer credit in the fall semester upon completion of a summer internship. For this reason alone, I may brave a trip across the quad to a Student Association meeting to advocate for this noble cause.

What are your thoughts?

-Brysan Brown

Sophomore, Dylan Lustig,  and junior, Taylor Carr, are the two candidates running for Student Association President this year. Both Lustig and Carr have graciously agreed to take time out of their hectic schedules to be interviewed by me in the coming weeks. God bless both of ‘em. I have a hard enough time attending boring ass lectures and keeping up with readings. The prospect of becoming the head of SA would makes me want to drive down to Ithaca and jump off a gorge.

Whoever emerges as the new SA leader will have a daunting task: making sure students actually know what the Student Association is and does. Not all of the seats in SA are filled and not every college is fully represented, which recently led to one member of the association to encourage his peers in Communication and Rhetorical Studies in the College of Visual and Performing Arts to join the student governing body.

Perhaps the most important responsibility SA has is that it allocates a large portion of the $189 student fee that every SU student paid this fall. So if you do the math, because I really can’t, that is a lot of dough. This means that Lustig or Carr will have to listen to the whining complaints of every organization on campus from the Anthropology Club to University Union.

But Lustig and Carr have both shown great eagerness to become president having already set up Facebook and Twitter accounts for their campaigns and utilizing campus media such as Citrus TV and the WERW radio station to generate awareness of their campaigns. Fortunately, voting will take on MySlice so there will be no chances of hanging chads. (Yes, I am that corny.)

-Brysan Brown