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Studs Are Officially in Season

Posted: October 13, 2012 by jerkmagblog in TRIM -- style
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No, I’m not talking about Hollywood’s hottest bachelors, although good looking men are always in style.

Studs are nothing new to fashion, but the way they are generously applied to clothing this season is an upcoming trend. The muted colors of fall, combined with a spiky edge, are catching everyone’s attention.

Vince Camuto and Steve Madden are just two designers that have applied the stud appeal to entire shoe collections. Some styles though, are more practical than others. Simple studs down the back of a heel are a way to jazz up ordinary pumps, but pumps with toe-capped studs are ambitious and slightly dangerous.

Another risky move with studs is seeing them applied to every-day classic clothing pieces that exist in almost every girl’s wardrobe. Studs have appeared on button downs, one-shouldered little black dresses, jean jackets, leggings, jeans, and even sweaters.

There is such a thing as overload for a fashion trend. The key to not taking this statement too far is to wear just one piece with studs, whether it’s the shoes or the button down with studs on the tips of the collar. Less is more is no exception to this fashion trend. Shoes are subtle as compared to studded clothing, but keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Quality comes with a price, but it’s usually worth it for one or two clothing items each season.

Be aware though, there are some clothes that look bejeweled this season and it is a cheap look. It takes balance, quality and a fun personality to make this trend appear fresh.  It also runs a fine line between trendy and that awkward middle school fashion phase.

– Jenna Jacobsen