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The latest casualty of baseballs steroid era.

The latest casualty of baseball's steroid era.

A little over a week ago, Alex Rodriguez¬†admitted to having used performance-enhancing substances ‚Äď a big¬†no-no in the¬†sports world, for those who don’t know.¬† Rodriguez, who has been a New York Yankee for the past five seasons, was pegged as the next “legitimate” home run king after Hank Aaron. Meanwhile, the current career¬†home run leader,¬†Barry “I¬†Didn’t¬†Do Nothing”¬†Bonds (whose skull grew about an inch in circumference while he played with the Giants), is about to stand trial against perjury charges stemming from his initial t√™te-√†-t√™te¬†with a Federal Grand Jury.¬† But, as I imagine is the case when one mixes¬†ice skating with uncoordinated offensive linemen ‚Äď the bigger they are, the harder they fall.¬† Not that I care too much about the fall guy, in this case.

I’ve been a Yankees fan since I was four, watching Yankee lifers like Don Mattingly and Bernie Williams in¬†my grandparents’ living room¬†with my grandpa.¬† So I can’t help but feel at least a little sympathy for¬†Rodriguez ‚Äď despite the¬†fact that¬†he’s overpaid and¬†chokes when it counts (yes, Red Sox fans,¬†we think so, too).¬† Regardless, Sports Illustrated’s little¬†“revelation” is further proof that the¬†baseball establishment¬†has taken a headfirst slide into the upturned cleats of corruption and greed.¬† If the man dubbed the next “true” hero of the game admits to wrongdoing in the name of inflated statistics, who can we trust? (more…)