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For most Syracuse stylistas, the unofficial leggings, Uggs and Northface uniform is not a very appealing wardrobe option. Fortunately, Some Girls boutique provides alternatives for those not interested in bumming it to class. Conveniently located on Marshall Street, Some Girls is a cute, edgy and unique clothing store. The walls are littered with accessories from the Snooki sunglasses to the Nicki Minaj Barbie chain, while trendy heels are displayed and flirty dresses and printed tops fill up the color-coded racks. Whether it’s classic and girly or bold and modern, there’s something for everyone despite your style preference.

Some Girls is definitely adjusting to the times, with a very active social media presence. The store’s Facebook and Twitter are constantly updated with news about the store’s recent sales and arrivals. The boutique’s website even allows you to order clothes online! I sat down with Some Girls intern, Priscilla Dominguez, and employee, Steph Curtis, to get the inside scoop on the chic boutique.