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Spring Break Do’s and Don’ts

Posted: March 12, 2011 by jerkmag in ZONE -- syracuse
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Do: Enjoy your spring break

Finally Spring Break is upon us once more. I like to think of this time as a natural rejuvenation of sorts for our usual winter blues – a time when the hearts of even the bitchiest of people begin to flutter with excitement. For me, this Spring Break is going to be a big one. I will trade in my iPhone and usual workload for a margarita and sunshine. In preparation for some R&R, I have devised a list of my personal DOs and DON’Ts for all Spring Break-related festivities:

DO meet new people – Nothing is better than meeting someone for a week, becoming Facebook friends, and then never see them again.

DON’T fall in love – We can all admit that there’s nothing more appealing than a quick fling on the beach but trust me, save the person next to you an awkward plane flight home while you sob uncontrollably.

DO try something new – This is the time to do it and do it to the extreme. Now, I’m not condoning anything crazy, but challenge yourself to something new…like a pottery class!

DON’T do a lick of work – Your break is all about you, whether you’re in Monterrey or Minnesota. Take a break from the stress of everyday life and treat yourself to something nice—you deserve it!

DO keep a blog/journal – Even for just the week, documenting your trip and all the wild encounters will make it worthwhile in the future.

DON’T try to impress the locals – If you’re traveling abroad, please do us all a favor and don’t do anything obnoxious or inherently American. That includes, but is not limited to: wearing fanny packs, complaining about the service, teaching people how to “Dougie,” and speaking any language different than the one spoken in the country you’re visiting.

DO use sunblock – Bronzed is hot. Being as red as hooker’s lipstick is not.

DON’T forget you only live once – As my mother always says, “Make good choices and don’t get arrested.”

– Nick Deyo

I’ve flown before, I know mistakes happen and people end up screwed and in need of connecting flights, accommodations, etc.  It’s just never happened to me, well, at least until now.

Happy People Waiting For Canceled Flights

Apparently when you purchase a seat online for a flight and it says that you’re guaranteed a seat, it doesn’t actually mean anything.  It was my intention to fly with my friends to Chicago and connect into Indianapolis, that’s not what happened (and if you couldn’t figure that out by now then you’re an idiot).

Oh right, the redirected flights are from Syracuse to Atalanta at 9:00 10:00 pm (thanks to a wonderful delay) where the next flight to Indianapolis is at 9:51 am.  Atlanta’s a lovely place, but when you want to be somewhere else…it resembles hell.


They Put Crack In These Doughnuts

Posted: March 19, 2009 by Cindia G. Leonard in Uncategorized
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Hot. Now.

Last week was spring break and I took a trip to North Carolina with my boyfriend, Zach, and our friend Justin.  The trip was really an excuse to eat all the foods from back home that we really miss.  In the last post I kind of slammed the cuisine in Syracuse, NY.  In my opinion it sucks and there is no variety.

In North Carolina we stuffed our faces with food from all over, especially Hispanic and Indian food and home-style cooking.  It was awesome.  The thing that really turned me out was tasting those sweet little doughnuts from Krispy Kreme.

I know what doughnuts most people eat in Syracuse, fucking Dunkin’ Donuts.  I mean, I guess when you don’t know any better you’ll eat any ol’ shit.  I just want you guys to know that Krispy Kreme is where it’s at.  They put crack in those doughnuts and it is so delicious.

Let me tell you about some Krispy Kreme.  See they have this big sign that lights up when they start making doughnuts.  It reads “Hot Now.”  That’s how you know the shit is on.  I equate seeing the “Hot Now” sign to when the Three Wise Men were traveling through the desert and were lost until they saw the North Star shining bright.  The sign is like that beacon of hope, leading the blind to sweet salvation.  It’s a religious experience. (more…)

This week is spring break at Syracuse University and across the country several other schools are on break. Many folks take this opportunity to go on a little vacation. After all the wintry weather in Syracuse and lake effect snows I had to go on vacation. The boyfriend and I decided that we were going to take a trip down to North Carolina.

Now my boyfriend (his name is Zach) is orginally from NC. He’s never lived in any other state. I, on the other hand, am a military brat. NC is not my homestate and I really don’t have a hometown either but after living in Winston-Salem for around 5 years it’s the closest I’ve got. All my friends live there and I went to undergrad there. I just have strong feelings for the little town.

Anyways the trip was half an excuse to get the hell out of the cold and the other half to visit family and friends we’ve been missing like crazy. Now listen, again I don’t want to offend, but Syracuse is a miserable town. I know some of my classmates who are from Syracuse and actually like it there, even love it, but Zach and I can’t stand it. Part of that reason is the food. (more…)


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148. 4 inches.

That’s how much snow Syracuse, New York, has accumulated this season according to Winter isn’t even over yet and we’ve already surpassed the average (121.1 inches in case you were wondering). Flying home to Boulder, Colorado, for Spring Break, I packed my winter clothes assuming it would be the same.

But au contraire! Stepping off the escalator at the Denver International Airport was quite a surprise. The majority of the people waiting in the pick-up terminal were not wearing jackets. My family, too, was sporting jacket-less attire.

It only took my brother ten minutes to remark that, “Wow, you really look like a vampire.” He was referring to my white skin, of course. (more…)