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I don’t know about you folks, but I am extremely excited for the the 2010 Winter Olympics that started last Friday in Vancouver.

Some people are worried the unusually warm weather in Vancouver will impact the games.  But I’m more concerned with the lycra ski suits, Apolo Anton Ohno’s soul patch, the Flying Tomato’s attempts at a Double McTwist 1260 after slamming his face against the halfpipe in the Winter X Games and the fabulously bedazzled figure skating costumes of Johnny Weir. (more…)

Clinton: Global feminist

Clinton: Global feminist

She’s at it again ladies and gentlemen, conquering the world one country at a time. Rather, one person at a time. Clinton recently came back to the U.S. after her Asian tour, stopping in countries like China, Indonesia, Japan, and South Korea. Instead of following in the steps of past diplomats, Clinton is creating her own path of success concerning U.S. relationships with international governments. One way to win over a government: start with the people.

This strategy of cultural diplomacy that Clinton used in the last couple of weeks brings a whole new meaning to U.S. foreign policy. Finding a way to relate to the people of a state is a smart foreign policy plan—home girl obviously did her homework.

Hillary visited the University of Tokyo during this tour and not only did she speak about how the United States needs to maintain and restore its connections with the Muslim world, but she also responded to a student who asked her “how to become as strong as she is? (more…)