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My love for indie folk music comes out when listening to The Tallest Man On Earth and their relating genre bands. Everything from The Avett Brothers to Bright Eyes is covered in this genre and 1904 definitely has the right feel to belong in this category.

Every two years it seems like they produce something new. On June 12, they will be releasing There’s No Leaving Now, which will have 1904 on it. Below is the track list of the album.

01. To Just Grow Away
02. Revelation Blues
03. Leading Me Now
04. 1904
05. Bright Lanterns
06. There’s No Leaving Now
07. Wind and Walls
08. Little Brother
09. Criminals
10. On Every Page

-Brooke Leone

Enter Moo-man!

Posted: February 4, 2010 by beckettnoyes in VAULT -- archives
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My sister used to be obsessed with cows.  She had stuffed animals, figurines, possibly a calendar, and even a mailbox.  She had all of this stuff, but I don’t recall her ever going to the level of this man.

Very much in the style of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job, an exceedingly unique television program, this unnamed man has written a song for the cows by apparently pouring out a milk jug full of love for the divine bovine.

[via Urlesque]

~Beckett Noyes