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One thing about my political posts you might notice is that they might seem very blunt and almost confrontational. This is not a mistake on my part. When it comes to politics, given the choice between the rapier or the sledgehammer, I reach for the blunt object.

This is how I filibuster.

My reasoning for this really came about during the initial healthcare debates. When I saw so many of my fellow Americans yelling, screaming, enraged and in an uproar, my first reaction was “All right! Finally some outrage at the injustice of the healthcare system.” But no, these Americans were rallying AGAINST reform. Not only that, but these same Americans were also convinced, irrevocably, that our president is the most vile Nazi, Socialist, Muslim, Communist, Black Supremacist, Baby Eater on the planet.


Obama: America’s very own SATAN

Posted: May 8, 2010 by johnylek in Uncategorized
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obama evilMy fellow esteemed Americans, we are doomed. Our illustrious socialist-marxist-communist-kenyan usurper of a president has doomed us all to a long hard fall down the slippery slope of socialism!

Pretty soon, we won’t be able to think for ourselves people. Thanks to offering a public option to a still private system, Obama is destroying American Private enterprise piece by piece. Soon, there will be a public option for Coke products, email services and car rental.

I predict that in ten years, Obama will have placed chips in every American’s head that will dictate to us every Sunday to fornicate, (more…)