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I don’t usually pay much attention to what I wear to the gym. I throw on an old, cut up T-shirt, a pair of running shorts, a good sports bra and I’m out the door. In fact, if you ever have the immense pleasure of seeing me at the gym, I’ll probably be looking something like this. But the truth is, what you wear to the gym can make or break your workout. has compiled a list of what to wear (and what not to wear) at the gym. Make sure you keep the following rules in mind before you head out the door for a good sweat-sesh.


Red and yellow... or is that mustard

Nike is one of the most successful companies in history. This success is mostly attributed to their ability to change and navigate the market like few others. Sneakers are the base of Nike, even though they make a real profit with their clothing and accessories. They are the most solid part of the company’s legacy.

Nike sneakers were one of the first sneakers used as a fashion statement, along with Converse. The Dunk was created in 1985 as a basketball shoe for various universities and colleges. However, it was not until it was reintroduced in 1998 that it took its place as a street style icon.

On March 4th, Nike released a new version of the Dunks in collaboration with ?uestlove of the Roots.  The shoes come in three colors, red, yellow and black. They are based on a story in ?ueslove’s mind reinterpreting an episode of a television show in the 80s. In this show, a character’s style is stifled by his parents but, his sibling offers to make a replacement garment that comes out looking poor. The Nike Dunk Questlove Sneakers are Questlove’s interpretation of that storyline through design.

– Nadjma Sako