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Okay, I really apologize, that title is a bit misleading. In all honesty though, that is the actual title of the new Smartwater advertisement starring Jennifer Aniston. The video is so perfect on so many levels. While being an actual marketing scheme, the video pokes fun at all the techniques used by advertisers on the reg.

Jen says, “This day in age I can’t just do that; I can’t just tell you that Smartwater is the smartest, best tasting water out there…” and she is absolutely right. A celebrity must be involved, or humor must be used, or a popular trend needs to be emphasized, or some sex appeal must be added to grab attention.

Today’s viral videos have become a huge success, and with the use of the young YouTube sensation in the introduction, the ad calls attention to that. Some green screening and animation are used to develop the scene with cute puppies, and then cute babies who begin to get raunchy (ew). I love when the nerdy producers/ad directors are gathered around Jen as she pours the Smartwater all over her sexy self. It’s about time people really make fun of the ridiculous use of sex to sell products.

I really love that this video spoofs the advertising industry and viral video craze in so many ways. Humor in marketing always grabs my attention, and if you can make me laugh, you’ve got me hooked. This video receives five out of five stars from me. Jennifer Aniston just gets hotter with age, and she made a hilarious debut in her first viral video ever. With over 8.5 million views already, I would have to say the viewers agree that this video was fabulous.

-Tori Ipacs