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See America Posters - if only government sponsored ads were still this cool...time for a change?

See America Posters - if only government sponsored ads were still this cool...time for a change?

He writes his own books—both landed on the New York Times Bestsellers List. He listens to music as mixed as he is—Howlin’ World to Yo-Yo Ma to Sheryl Crow to Jay-Z fills his ipod playlists. His chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, was a ballet dancer turned politician. And Obama’s own grassroots presidential campaign inspired a political art movement without precedent (check out my November post “A Portrait of Hope”…).

Obama is a cultural giant. And big government is back. This could mean good things for the arts.

Obama’s campaign was sympathetic towards and strongly rooted in our nation’s cultural issues. The Obama-Biden ticket promised a new arts policy—fighting away the copyright-obsessed world of creative expression and fighting for a new kind of accessibility to America’s best cultural forms.

Some see the establishment of a secretary of culture/arts as the next obvious step. But I know (as much as you do) that a new secretary isn’t what we need. Even Quincy Jones commendable fight for such a secretary and his online petition (just shy of 250,000 signatures) isn’t enough for to think otherwise.

What we need is action. And I think the president’s swift and strong actions as lifeguard to a drowning Uncle Sam are an optimistic start. His new economic recovery plan is a beefy “yes we can” initiative that’s better than a Band-Aid for the bad fall of our big businesses. (more…)

Canvas: A Portrait of Hope

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Obama’s Tuesday night acceptance speech left me with chills. The large stage in Grant Park, Chicago was surrounded by a 125,000 version of the American melting pot. Black, White, Asian, Hispanic—it was a sea of ethic color. I watched the next First Family—the first black family—walk out onto the blue stage seeded with American flags, and I was humbled.

This will become one of those “where were you when…” moments. It’s a moment that will write itself in the history books of tomorrow, and is already inspiring the artwork of today. 

Obama represents change and transformation. It only makes sense that the artwork inspired by him veers away from the traditional serious-faced White House portrait. He is a man that is rocking this country to its core—reminding Americans why we should call ourselves great and why we can always hope to be better.

 Art reflects and reinforces history; Obama is man of change, and the artwork done of him embodies that same ideal—this artwork will become the visual reminder of Obama’s election for generations to come. 

abraham-obama-statue (more…)