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Sometimes the idea of spending extra money on food seems as absurd as a Yankees and Red Sox fan being best friends. SU is a pretty damn expensive school, so extra money, for most, is as fictional as the fairy dust that made me fly as a kid.

But this weekend when I realized I needed more than scrambled eggs in my diet and that I needed to write this blog post, I took some visiting friends to Faegan’s. Although most notably known for it’s Flip Night, because what college student doesn’t love the possibility of drinking for free, Faegan’s Pub actually has really good food.

At Faegan’s you can have as good of a dinner as if you went to any place in Armory Square, but without waiting for over an hour and it’s within walking distance. The dishes on the table included chicken pot pie, a bleu cheese filled burger, quesadillas, and french onion soup. Claiming my job depended on it, I obviously tasted everyone’s dish.

The chicken pot pie had potatoes on the top instead of a crust, it was almost better than my grandma’s cooking, which is saying a lot because my grandma is a professional chef (in my family of course, not in life.. but same idea) The burger stuffed with bleu cheese was alright, but I don’t like bleu cheese so don’t trust my opinion in this matter. The guy who ordered in though, he had it finished in about 3.4 minutes so I’m guessing he really liked it. My dish was the quesadillas, I find it hard to not get them whenever I’m at Faegan’s. My professional opinion is that it’s the cumin and the sauteed chicken that really sets it apart from other quesadillas.

BUT my favorite dish of the night was the french onion soup.. O M G! I have never had french onion soup before, because I’ve always found it strange that people want to eat a bowl of onions, like hello! onion breath! Faegan’s you have changed my ming, it is now Wednesday and I am craving french onion, the same way Buffalo Bills fans are craving a winning season, I think the french onion soup may be a little easier to come by though.

As always it’s been a pleasure, sorry Buffalo fans but.. E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!

– Shelby Hilt

Study for five minutes. Procrastinate. Check Facebook. Nap. Study for real this time. Tweet about how much midterms suck #[insertsomethingsnarkyhere]. And then there is the inevitable realization: “shit, I’m hungry.”

For those “shit, I’m hungry” moments, No. 1 Kitchen is the perfect exam food that will never let you down. They somehow get your food to you even with multiple feet of snow on the ground, which, as we all know, can be anytime between October and May.

I do tend to find myself wondering whether or not they actually understand me when I tell them my address. They sometimes get Madison and Harrison confused, but when it does arrive to the right address, it’s like Manning’s three touchdown passes as the Broncos rolled over the Chargers this week, it’s MAGICAL.

My go-to is usually the steamed dumplings and house special fried rice (sophomore year, my two best friends went through a broccoli, chicken, and vegetable lo mein phase). But for the sake of blogging, I decided to shake it up this time. I ordered the Wonton Soup and General Tso’s chicken. Yum!

Thank you, No. 1, for not disappointing. The chicken was as comforting as Chinese food should be, although for you wimps out there, the spicy kick might leave you a little hot and bothered. However, the Wonton Soup was just what the doctor ordered for my soon to be all-nighter in Bird Library.

But that does it for this week’s Foodie review. I’m going to stop procrastinating and get some work done since my meal is gone.

– Shelby Hilt

Sup, Jerks! I’m Shelby Hilt, and I’ll be letting you know where you should -and should not – eat on and off campus. I can’t wait to get started, but let me tell you a little bit about myself first.

Year and Major: I’m a Photography major in VPA and unfortunately in May, I’ll be saying that bittersweet goodbye to Syracuse University.

My most embarrassing moment: It happened just a few weeks ago, while I was at the campus bar, Faegans. Ever see that guy across the room who is just so gorgeous, that your friends push you to go say hello? Yep, that was me, and that was him. He was looking like a 12, in a set of blue scrubs.  I decided ‘why the hell not?’ and went over to him. We hit it off and inside I’m screaming “Holla!” until I made the mistake of asking if he was a nurse… Ladies, if you see a guy in scrubs never assume he is a nurse. You know what happens when you assume!  Because in my case, he was an ER doctor! And two seconds later I was staring at his nice doctorly butt — as it walked away. OOPS!

I dance way more than the average human, just ask my roommates who religiously see me dancing on any and every surface in our house. Who says you need to wait until Friday and Saturday night to get down? I think a Monday morning deserves some Bow Chicka Wow Wow, too. Therefore, I absolutely wouldn’t be able to survive without my ridiculous amount of Pandora stations.

Hope you all enjoy my Foodie section! Feel free to follow me on Twitter @theshilt. Contact me with suggestions, comments or snarky remarks at any time! And as I like to say.. LIVE LIFE!