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Watch out for Shaqs heat vision!

Watch out for Shaq's "Heat" vision!

Sorry to disappoint any closet Dean Cain lovers (they must exist somewhere, I’m sure of it), but I’m not talking about the men who’ve played the comic book hero.  I’m talking about NBA stars Shaquille O’Neal and Dwight Howard.  Both men have taken on the “Superman” moniker, but I’ve come to the decision that, like Highlander, there can be only one.  I’ll make each behemoth’s case for the distinction of the “superer” man and pick a winner.  That’s the most democratic way to do it…right?

Shaq and Dwight are both basketball “big men,” 7-foot, 300-ish-pound freaks of nature who patrol the area of the court closest to the basket looking for blocks and rebounds on defense, and monster slam dunks and other high-percentage shots on offense.  They use their superhuman strength to steamroll through defenders and keep other players away from loose balls.  They ARE just like the comic book Superman…except for the whole sustained flight thing.  But I’m sure Shaq and Dwight have learned to live with just ice breath and X-ray vision.