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Oh, Bill.

Oh, Bill.

“Nothing can come of nothing.”

-William Shakespeare (King Lear)

Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Amsterdam. Even Bill Shakespeare’s power of three does not quite do a justice for all that this city embodies. From the moment we arrived, everyone was excited, including your humble narrator. 

Our hotel was better than the tenement we resided in during our stay at Paris, with soap, hot water and fresh towels in the morning- all things that reminded us why we were paying for a private university education.

When a city offers you legalized drugs, an incredible nightlife, and the opportunity to window-shop for women, it is quite easy to see how youngsters can be easily led astray. I am neither confirming nor refuting the actions of my comrades, however, may I repeat, that it is the twenty first century. (more…)

Shakespeare is for Lovers

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I never considered myself a real Shakespeare buff. I analyzed the odd Macbeth passage in tenth grade AP English, and ogled over Jude Law in the posters for Hamlet (which, unfortunately, stopped showing in London just prior to my arrival). And that was basically the extent of my relationship with good ol’ William (we’re on a first-name basis). So when one of my flatmates asked me to accompany to him to see As You Like It at Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, I hesitated. But as a great man once said, when in Rome, right? So, being cheap college students, we purchased 5-pound standing room tickets.

I'm on the left.

I'm on the left.

Okay, quick little history lesson: the original Globe Theater burned down in 1613 when a stage cannon set fire to the thatched roof. A second Globe was quickly rebuilt with a tiled roof, but was closed down by straight-edge Puritans who disapproved of theater performances. It wasn’t until the 1990s that the third Globe opened up. (more…)