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In honor of the previous Jerk Cast, I figured I’d explain further into our main discussion of the cast: Dogs Against Romney. Prior, I didn’t understand what fellow casters (Julia, Charlie, and Paige) meant when they spoke of Mitt Romney and the “dog on the roof” situation. Though after googling, I saw images flooding my google images of photos of young puppies looking sad stating, “Dogs Against Romney.” Now, just to be clear, Mitt isn’t the best candidate in my opinion, he steps on my toes… a lot. However, after hearing that he strapped his dog, Seamus, to the roof of his car for a total of 12 hours, I hated that man even more. Now, if you are like me and had no idea what the hell everyone was freaking out about, here is the lowdown:

In 1983, Romney and his family went on a trip from Massachusetts to Canada. While the Romney’s clearly have no sense of organization or humanity, the Romney’s decided that rather than making room within the car to place their beloved pet, that they would strap him to the top of the roof while speeding during a freeway. While speeding on the freeway, Seamus was leaking a brown blood from the cause of her gastric distress. When the Romney’s saw this, they simply cleaned it with a towel and kept on their journey… with Seamus still strapped to the top of the car. After the photos and information was leaked to the media, Romney, rather than apologizing for his actions stated that the air tight kennel was something Seamus “enjoyed” and that he wouldn’t repeat his actions, but only because of the publicity it’s received.

The difficulty of this situation is that, regardless it was almost thirty years ago, Romney’s actions still follow him. This is completely understandable. Romney is about to be in charge of millions of American’s, all whom of which believe in human and animal rights to a certain degree. Knowing that such a man in high ranking thinks this is completely normal worries the Nation. We see it in terms that since he is okay with Seamus being strapped to the top of his car, and only avoids it when publicity forces anger, that maybe possibly, we could be the next dog. If Romney is elected President, does this mean that we are soon to be the next Seamus? Bleeding from gastric distress terrified, only for Romney to clean up the mess but still continue?

– Lakota Gambill