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We all know advertisements effect human behavior. Yet, never in a million years did it seem that advertisers would try to expand their target markets to animals. That’s right, scientists are now studying monkeys to determine if these furry creatures are affected by advertisements in the same way we are.

Pushing one color of Jell-O over another, these scientists created ads using simple techniques. Exposing monkey genitalia and showing photos of alpha males on billboards outside of the monkey enclosure are just some of the advertising techniques that scientists feel might drive monkeys’ “purchasing habits.” I don’t know about you, but I definitely wasn’t aware monkeys now possessed money too.

While it’s only logical that monkeys would respond the same way as humans do to advertisements, there seems to be no reason for this study. If they were trying to prove that advertisements were an effective way to drive business, it seems reasonable. But advertisements have been effective for years. The problem here is scientists have too much free time on their hands, especially as the United States is losing sight in the technology race more and more each day. Come on guys, at least pretend to be doing something productive.

-Nicole Fisher

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Today’s breakdown invokes a choice between science and religion.

Rats giggle and now my fears of rats nibbling on my toes have an added component: they’re secretly laughing at me. Our world is becoming more like Narnia, which in all honesty, is awesome:

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