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IMG_8679People don’t like me in their kitchens. I’m always welcomed warmly as a guest, considering I have what may be the world’s un-pickiest palate and devour any dishes placed in front of me with an open mind, eager stomach, and mouth full of praise for the chef after I’ve made sure every crumb on my plate has been carefully tended.

It’s a different story though, once the act of making said delicious meal is placed upon me. I freak out, burn things, and generally wreak havoc upon whatever space has the extreme misfortune of housing my presence. Thus, it was much to my shock to find myself working and thoroughly enjoying my time at a boulangerie (French for “bakery”) for internship credit during a semester abroad in Strasbourg, France! (more…)

Pre-show grooming, gotta look GOOD.

With all the Oscar-nominated film saturation this winter (not complaining, it’s a welcome change from the “National Treasure: Book of Secrets” of yesteryear), and critics’ raves about so-and-so’s comeback, exorbitant production costs, and the unending media coverage that the Best Picture nominees have been receiving, it’s easy for the lesser-known award categories to get lost amidst the hype and shoved under the red carpet. But it would be an outright crime against cinema to fail to recognize five of the most vivid – albeit shortest – films contending for a shiny little gold man this coming Sunday: Animated Shorts. (more…)