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Europe’s biggest shit show.  And I do mean literally.  As I entered the Theresienwiese camp ground, I was greeted by the sight of three grown German men dressed in lederhosen laughing hysterically at their friend who was peeing down his leg.  If that didn’t foreshadow the day I was about to have… nothing would.

At Oktoberfest, you have two choices: to camp or not to camp.  Obviously, I chose to camp, mainly because it was the cheapest option and with Stoke Travel we got to drink unlimited beer and sangria.  Once we got the campsite, we were immediately given a welcome beer, which conveniently came with a string attached to the sides so we could drink AND be hands free.

Stoke has a reputation for being rowdy and Australian (one in the same, really).  Between the blasting mix of house music and Red Hot Chili Peppers, the drinking went on well into 5 am.  We woke up at 5:30 to a guy puking on the path next to our tent while another was propped up between two trees passed out for the entire night in the pouring, freezing rain.

We got to the grounds of holy Oktoberfest at 6:30 am.  The beer couldn’t be served until 12:00, after they had tapped the keg and the Mayor of Munich sipped the first beer.  That meant standing in the rain without an umbrella while it was fifty degrees next to husky cigarette smoking Germans.  Absolute torture.  I have never so seriously considered dying.

We got in to Haufbrauhous early, probably around 10:00 am but I’m not sure, because I blacked out from the misery.  By some miracle of God we found our friends and joined them at the Harry Potter style tables.  I proceeded to pass out on the table for a good 45 minutes.  Around HB there were beer maids selling sodas, sandwiches, schniztel, asiago bread, prezels, cards, small plastic toys, and gingerbread hearts with icing that read ‘your place or mine?’.  And the occasional bucket of pickles.

When the beer was finally served a riotous echoing of “PROST!” and “ABROSIAAAA” burst from every table.  And not just once, this happened at least every 5 minutes.  It was one of the most fun times I’ve had in Europe so far. In the words of my roommate “If you haven’t been to Oktoberfest, THEN YOU HAVE NOT LIVED”.

The beer maids would carry out at least 8 liters of beer and slam them on the table only to be swarmed by people waving Euros.  If you don’t tip them, they won’t come back.  So everything ends up being about ten Euros in total.  Honestly, I don’t know how they carry 8 at a time.  I could barely hold one full mug up myself.

Attempting to go to the bathroom might sound easy in normal circumstances, but during Oktoberfest at HB, trying to get to the bathroom with a five-pound beer mug is a feat deemed impossible.  This, I did not know.  I was twisted and absorbed into the mosh pit of drunk Australians and Germans right before the bathroom.  I had no choice but to literally go with the flow.  I made it out, went back to my table, chugged my beer, and tried to break through the jungle of drunks and beermaids carrying pork knuckles and baby chickens.  Once I made it past the wall of rough Hell’s Angels looking security guards, things moved quickly.  Surprisingly, it was the fastest line for the bathroom I’ve ever waited in considering how many girls had to pee.

Let me warn you: One litre beer at Oktoberfest really packs at least three to four strong normal sized beers.  I ended up drinking almost three litres.  All I can say is, on my way out I proceeded to spend seventeen euros on roasted nuts and purchased a child sized Oktoberfest t-shirt.

-Sara Freund

Polaroids have long been a thing of the past, until now.

Unless you are a photographer, you probably aren’t that concerned with getting your photographs developed.  You can instantly upload photos to Facebook, share them on Instagram, and tweet them to your followers.

But Cocograph is interested in another kind of sharing; that is, with your stomach.  The Philadelphia based company lets you send in your snapshots, where they get printed onto artesian chocolate bars.  Yup, you heard right.

You can send in jpegs, scans, even iPhone photos to have printed on chocolate.  And for those Instagram addicts who are probably wondering, YES, you can select any photo from your collection (in fact, it’s recommended).

Even though the Polaroid style is what really creates the buzz, the chocolate it’s attached to is just as important.  Made from a small-batch organic chocolatier in Santa Barbara, CA, each bar is available in milk, white, dark and organic dark chocolate.  It’s easy to create your own perfect gift for birthdays, holidays or anything else.  Want to make your photos even sweeter? You can even add frosting!

The founder of the company, Rae Vittorelli, started this company out of her love of photography, fashion, vintage… and of course, chocolate.  She studied printmaking and photography at the School of Visual Arts in New York.  After graduation Rae’s creativity led her to open her first business, Philly Cake Art.

Finally, art I can enjoy… by eating it!

-Sara Freund

Did you hold your breath while the Fab Five waited to receive their final scores? Did your heart start racing when you saw Ryan Lochte shirtless for the first time? Well, mine did.  Gymnastics and Swimming have the USA glued to their televisions (whether you admit it or not).  And as a bonus: we are dominating in both.  It’s hard to believe that most of these athletes are my age or younger.  To think that I could have been an Olympic swimmer by now if I had just stayed on my middle school swim team…

For those of you who think the Olympics only consists of a bunch of sports everyone cares about for two weeks every four years… it’s not.  Let me give you a little recap on the drama thus far.

In women’s gymnastics, the rules state each country is allowed to send two team members into the individual competition.  So out of the gold medal winning Fab Five, Jordyn Wieber was the favorite to win individuals.  However, in an upset, Wieber failed to even qualify for the even by as little as .359 of a point.  Aly Raisman and Gabby Douglas earned the coveted individual competition spots for the USA.

Gabby Douglas, just sixteen years old, is probably the best gymnast you will ever see in your lifetime.  The 4’11’’ flying squirrel took home the gold in the individual competition.  On the other hand, Aly Raisman was pitted against Aliya Mustafina for the bronze.  Identical scores calls for a tiebreaker, which means they drop the lowest fourth score and average the three highest scores of the two competitors.  In the end, Mustafina won leaving Raisman devastated.

Who would have guessed this sport of glitter eyeshadow and shimmery leotards could be so cutthroat?

Other jaw-dropping moments: when Michael Phelps won his 20th medal making him the most decorated Olympian… ever.  Or how about when Lochte stepped up to the podium sporting an American flag diamond grill?  Perhaps that one was one of the more questionable moments… which is probably best explained in this mashup video of Lochte’s interviews or his twitter feed.

-Sara Freund

It seems the internet just got weirder and more pet friendly, if you can believe it. Apparently, Youtubing videos of cats just isn’t cutting it these days. Now, not only can you watch cats do weird things, but you can also watch ‘man’s best friend’, among other pets, on a 24-hour live feed. Yes, you heard right. If you have nothing else better to do with your time, you can receive live updates on pets that aren’t yours. I know, I know…this news is probably crippling to those of you who have a weakness for cute baby animals.

Basically any animal you want to watch, you can. Puppies, brown bears, puffins, sea lions, and tropical fish all have live 24-hour streaming videos. And after five minutes, I was in love.

It turns out that the majority of the animals are puppies, and are a part of the Warrior Canine Connection in Bethesda, Maryland, an organization that helps combat injured veterans. This therapeutic service dog-training program welcomed “Holly’s Half Dozen” puppies—five girls and one boy. Veterans with PTSD will train the puppies before they are partnered with other veterans who have mobility impairments.

Other do-good animals you can watch are the sea lions at Pacific Marine Mammal Center in Orange County, California. It’s a nonprofit organization that rescues and rehabilitates marine mammals that have come ashore due to illness or injury. It’s run essentially,  just by volunteers and donations. You can help out the cause by just by liking their Facebook page. For every ‘like’, PMMC will receive a one-dollar donation.

-Sara Freund

Better known as Ralph Lauren, born in the New York City Bronx of Ashkenazi Jewish immigrants in 1939. His story is essential to his brand because he is the embodiment of the American dream. Coming from nothing, only to become a wildly successful something in America. He had the vision to create a brand that depicted the American dream in his now well-known polo shirts with it’s horse and rider logo.

Ralph studied business science and served in the army before his break through in the fashion world. He began his empire with a tie shop in 1967 with no formal fashion experience at all. Ever since then he has been building his brand to include women’s wear, accessories, shoes, sportswear, casual wear and home furnishings.

The east coast preppy look of his designer collections isn’t selling a product, Ralph said to Vogue, “We don’t only sell clothes, we are selling a dream and a vision”.

Based on Ralph Lauren’s history and brand it is clear why he was chosen to design the 2012 London Olympic Ceremony uniforms. Just weeks away Ralph Lauren has finally revealed the designs for Team USA. Keeping in line with his tailored preppy silhouettes and a patriotic color palette the collection reflects the heart of America. Both the men and women’s designs feature navy blazers, berets, tailored tops and bottoms. Right now select pieces are available on where you can also see the rest of Ralph Lauren for Team USA items.

-Sara Freund