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Slow week in ‘cuse it seems, perhaps the ‘Taste of’ festival was a real crazy and we need some recharge time.¬†Fear not, I scowered the internet and found at least a couple things that are going on this week. I can’t promise they’re for everyone, but hey.¬†Beggars¬†can’t be choosers.

June 6th over at Lost Horizon on Erie you got Crossfade, Feeding Affliction, Silent Fury and Weaving the Fate playing. It’s only $13 in advance or $15 at the door. I’ve only recently heard Weaving the Fate at the Flogging Molly show last week – they were alright. For 13 bones, I’d go see this show. If you’ve never heard of any’em, just click their names – I’ve attached some muzak samples for your listening pleasure. It’s mostly hard rock that has some catchy hooks. It’s not the worst, especially when you’re stuck in ‘cuse.

So, while you’re over in Dewitt for the show at Lost Horizon, the post standard thinks you should go check out Mario and Salvo’s pizza. Apparently they are the best pizza in Syracuse. I’ve never been there, but I’ve had some decent pizza around these parts (I’m partial to Varsity), but the Standard thinks these guys are top tier. So maybe you should go out there and see if they really beat out Cosmos, Varsity, or Sardos. I’ll reserve judgement, but I think they have some hype to live up to.

If you’re out near Rochester or wanna take a ride to the¬†Museum¬†of Play, a new exhibit called¬†Design Zone¬†just got going. According to the website Design Zone is a “hands-on interactive and computer-based activities reveal how video game developers, music producers, roller coaster designers, and others use math to do amazing things. Feel the beat in a DJ recording studio, test a virtual roller coaster, create on-screen action in a video game design studio, and more.”

Good luck kids. I will not be at any of these places, I’m going to Hershey Park for the weekend. Yeah, be jelly.