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Recently flipping through my stack of fashion magazines I began to question more pages than not.  Now obviously for any slave of fashion, September is the God of all months.  It rules the fashion world, it forecasts the trends for the year and basically sets the tone for every designer out there.  This month can make you wildly famous or basically kick you to the curb and ruin you forever as a designer.

One of the first magazines to have their September issue out is “Glamour”.  And as I’m flipping through the pages I found some trends that seemed debatable.

For example, number eight on their Top 10 Glamour Dos and Don’ts list is a picture of Rihanna in a pink accordion pleaded skirt with a sheer lace bandeau and converse.  The title: “Going Totally Sheer in Public.  Do? Don’t? Discuss!”.  Honestly is that even up for debate?  I’m pretty sure a nip slip is completely inappropriate so why would ‘going sheer’ in public even be a question.

Then there is trend number six of fall fashion: collars.  And no this doesn’t mean oxford button downs or or a cute polo.  It literally just means a collar that you wear over your sweater or shirt.  Styles range from a Graziano pearl collar to Marc Jacobs metal and chain collar.  Even crocheted and studded ones exist.  I just don’t understand how this makes your outfit look chic or why you would wear something that resembles the fashion version of a dog collar.

Another trend that has trickled down to the mainstream: hair jewels.  I mean its great for a runway show.  But when you try to wear a claw of jewels on your head it just doesn’t work for everyday style.  At all.  Just because all the sparkling broaches clipped in an updo and gold chain wrapped buns are screaming ‘BUY ME’ doesn’t mean you should.

Don’t follow a trend that isn’t following you.

-Sara Freund

While technically Drake’s sophomore album “Take Care” isn’t set for release until tomorrow, the album leaked in its entirety last week. Hidden amidst all the self-loathing and The Weeknd features is this peculiar track. For the title track, Drake teamed up with his favorite fuck buddy and unrequited love, Rihanna, for a cover of the late, great Gil Scott-Heron’s “I’ll Take Care of You.”

If you’re wondering where the inspiration for this electro-synth infused track came from, look no further than Jamie xx. Over the last two years, Jamie xx of the British band the xx has made a name for himself as a producer remixing both popular and obscure songs. He has gained particular notoriety for his remixes of Gil Scott-Heron’s final album “I’m New Here.”

Interestingly, Rihanna’s latest effort “Talk That Talk,” which also leaked over the weekend, contains a track called “Drunk On Love” featuring a sample of the xx’s “Intro.” I’m sensing a trend.

-Dee Lockett

This is the video for Rihanna‘s first single off her upcoming sixth studio album, “Talk That Talk.” It features the Irish countryside, an Agyness Deyn-voiced monologue, sex, Chris Brown’s doppelgänger, drugs, blowbacks and vomit in the form of party streamers. In a nutshell, it’s the shit.

-Dee Lockett

Pride is supposedly the worst of the seven deadly sins—but really, who cares about pride when lust and gluttony dominate our media everyday. Rihanna recently received a lot of heat about the teaser for her controversial ads for Armani Jeans that debuted Oct. 6.

In case no one realized, she’s changed her image quite a bit since the start of her career—her and almost EVERY other celebrity. Some think she may be overdoing the S&M and sex appeal thing. Personally, I’m indifferent. It’s her right to do what she wants. Yes, there is the flipside. You could argue that she is a role model, but I’m pretty sure we’ve heard this little song and dance enough times to beat our heads against the wall.


American Apparel fills a niche in America’s retail landscape. The store is known for its basics, its ads and its prices. I first heard of American Apparel back in 2007 when they had the liquid and metallic leggings that Rihanna was seen wearing. I went to the store, found the leggings and paused: $40 for leggings? No chance, at least not here. (more…)

Advertisements are essential to the magazine world. For anyone who’s seen The September Issue, there’s a scene where Anna Wintour is in a meeting with the publishers negotiating on ad space, and you are able to see how much power advertisers have over publishers. Publishers are responsible of making sure there are enough advertisements and editorial content in the magazine.

The ads basically pay for magazines to run smoothly, and often you can tell how a publisher is doing based on the amount of ad space they fill. Since the economy went down a black hole, the publishing industry has been struggling to survive.

Fortunately WWD just had an article about the progress that magazines are making in terms of ad money. Vogue is doing especially well, with the pages up ten percent from this time last year. Elle is also doing well with a 14.9% increase. This is good news because it means the industry is finally rebounding from the crisis and magazines can become lucrative again.

-Nadjma Sako

Diamonds are forever

I heard about Melody Ehsani, a jewelry/shoe designer from L.A., a few years ago because Rihanna was wearing her creations. Ehsani is cool as hell, which I would know through the obscene amount of time I have spent on her Tumblr. She is of Iranian descent, which comes through in her mentality and worldview.

Celebrities such as Rihanna, Erykah Badu, and Nicki Minaj love her work. She has been featured in countless videos such as Massive Attack (Nicki) and S&M (Rihanna). Her talent comes from tapping right into what makes girls feel powerful and strong.

Rihanna in Melody ring and earrings.

She makes statement jewelry; her pieces always stand out and make an impression. Her influences come from all over. A lot of her early work is reminiscent of old Hip-hop style with a heavy focus on gold, big four-finger rings and chains draped with in-your-face L.A. swag.

Erykah Badu wearing Ehsani earrings

As I continue gushing, I have to mention that another thing I love about Melody is how conscious she is. She always tries to give meaning to her work, making pieces that have strong heritage and represent various cultures. She also makes a statement against discrimination with her look books. In her last one, she opted for models that are underrepresented in the industry. Melody is the shit, and I’m fully on her team as she continues to rise.

–Nadjma Sako