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This video is probably every girl’s worst nightmare. It’s bad enough having to walk home in the same clothes you had on the night before, but to have an entire frat applaud you and last night’s man as you leave the premises is taking walk of shame to a whole new level.

Whether or not you find yourself sympathizing with the girl in the video and photo, you might want to take some pointers. According to a 2010 University of Iowa study on casual sex, results are proving that casual sex relationships often lead to long-lasting relationships. Yeah, you read that right. I found it crazy to believe myself.


I’ve caught myself lately tuning into “Millionaire Matchmaker,” a show on Bravo that does exactly what the title suggests. Mere mortals like myself, who have a lot less than a million dollars to their name, are given the opportunity to be hooked up with millionaires, who for some reason couldn’t find love for themselves. But I guess when you happen to be CEO of a multimillion dollar corporation, anything more than a one night stand isn’t exactly something you have at the top of your wish list.

As much as I make the show my guilty pleasure, I’m no idiot. I know that the concept is disgustingly shallow. There is no way a person would sign themselves up to be a potential boyfriend or girlfriend to these millionaires if all of they had to rely on was their looks. Why? Because while half of them are actually atrocious, most have dry personalities and some are complete train wrecks. And speaking of train wrecks, meet Robin. (Scroll to :40)


Nick Hornby’s “High Fidelity”

Don’t worry. You don’t have to be a music junkie to appreciate this book or movie.

But that helps.

I decided to pick up the book after watching the movie, which I also highly recommend. Come on, you can’t help but fall in love with John Cusack in his glory days (“High Fidelity,” “Say Anything”). Nowadays…not so much.

Rob (John Cusack) is good with music: he owns a small record shop and has strong views on what’s decent and what isn’t. But he’s much less good with relationships. In fact, he’s not at all sure that he wants to commit himself to anyone, especially with someone who doesn’t share the same music taste as him. No one is surprised that his girlfriend decides that enough is enough.


Wheelchair Jimmy from “Degrassi” is all grown up. On Nov. 15, Drake released his highly anticipated sophomore album “Take Care.” After postponing the album from its original Oct. 24 release date, it has finally become available for all the world to hear.

The tone of the album reflects Drake’s debut release, “Thank me Later.” The majority of the tracks are very R&B oriented and many of the songs are about his relationships with women. However, when Drake does rap, it is extremely well-executed and shows great progress from the already extraordinary “Thank Me Later.” The album’s weakest qualities are the extraneous artists that have features on Drake’s songs. Lil’ Wayne, Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj add nothing to the album, and all of the songs that they are featured on could have benefited from an additional Drake verse.

A perfect example of an unnecessary feature is “HYFR” with Lil’ Wayne. Lil’ Wayne is so prominent on this track that the song may have been better off on “Tha Carter IV.” “Weezy’s wheezy voice does nothing but take away from the album’s previously established tranquility.

On the contrary, “Look What You’ve Done” is the album’s most emotionally driven song. It focuses on Drake’s love-hate relationship with his mother and the problems that they have endured. The piano complements his voice perfectly and sets the mood for the song as one that is both reminiscent and celebratory.
Listen to this album, and I guarantee that it will become a staple for any late-night car ride.

-A.J. Allen

When I was an underclassman in college, I remember hearing and receiving many different kinds of advice from the upperclassmen. However, I never took it to heart. I just kind of nodded and let it flow in one ear and out the other. Now that I’m a senior, I look back and regret not listening to that advice after all.

Back then, I thought “Well, everyone is different. It’s not like I’m going to be going through the same experiences, and even if I do, I’ll do it differently in my way.” To my surprise, I did end up facing those situations and now that I’ve tried to solve it my way and not give a crap, I end up sitting here reminiscing and regretting. So if you ever come across this and think the same thing, try to remember that these pieces of advice might help you.


If it is true that “to err is human,” then “Shortcomings” by Adrian Tomine is one of the most human graphic novels that I have encountered in a good long while.

Populated by a cast of delightfully flawed characters, “Shortcomings” explores just that–the ways in which we fall short. Ben Tanaka is insecure, angry, depressed and lonely, which causes him to drive away the women who would try to love him. Struggling with internalized (as well as external) racism, Ben flounders in his romantic relationships and questionable preference for white women.


It seems the season of love is fast approaching, as fall is coming to an abrupt close and winter is nearing. Many people say they get more lonely and wanting of a relationship when the weather gets chilly. Weird that the weather has an effect on love? Not really. Both girls and guys get that feeling of wanting to cuddle and hug someone when the wind picks up and it begins to snow. I know us girls just want to wrap ourselves in a blanket and in our man’s arms while watching the snow fall and sipping on some hot chocolate. (If only if my man was here with me on campus to do that with me…)

I guess what I’m trying to get at is that many of my friends have been getting confused by their feelings and emotions lately. Don’t let the cold weather fool you! It really might just be that the chilliness is making you lonely and want someone beside you. If you know you’re confused and you’re not 100 percent sure about your feelings, then wait and be patient about it.

Don’t do something stupid and make decisions on impulse and then go vent to your friends saying how much you regret it. We’re seniors now, and we should know how to control our minds (and bodies). Don’t do or say anything that won’t benefit you, but at the same time won’t deeply hurt that other person either.

If you’re cold and lonely, I suggest you get a kitten or a pillow pet, and stay away from messing around with a human’s heart.

-Ellie Sul

Birth control: it can help you prevent unwanted pregnancies, ease those pre-menstrual pains, and clear up annoying acne. But if you were hoping it could help you pick out a man with movie star good looks and impressive sexual abilities, think again.

When not remedied by birth control, women’s hormones are all over the place, reaching their peak at menstruation.  In between fits of crying, screaming and craving something salty, women find themselves attracted to the “manliest” of men–muscles, facial hair, square jaws…you get the idea). These specific male characteristics pique a woman’s interest on the most primal of levels: breeding.

Instinctively, women often choose men with dissimilar pheromones and body structures to their own. These differences are beneficial to childbearing since two genetically different people will make a healthy baby, more often than not. Since the conception of birth control, however, women who are on the pill rely less on satisfying carnal instinct and more on finding a comfortable, long-term partner.


As women, most of us want to befriend our guy’s friends. But what happens when his friends end up liking you more than they like him?

A new study at Cornell University suggests that men who share mutual friends with their girlfriends may experience sexual problems. The study found that men who experience “betweenness,” a term for when a man’s girlfriend is closer to his friends than he is, are more likely to experience erectile dysfnction (ED).

Men who are experiencing “betweenness” feel as though their masculinity is being threatened. With their girlfriends infringing on their male territory, men feel a lack of privacy, which is a key characteristic of masculinity.

In addition to feeling emasculated, men also find themselves experiencing lower levels of attraction to their girlfriends, after regularly seeing them in an environment where they would be considered buddies instead of significant others.


After catching up with a friend of mine who I’ve known since freshman year, I’m not going to lie– it was pretty awkward. I don’t know how that friend felt about our reunion, but I’m pretty sure the feeling was mutual. It’s sad how that happens. I knew this person since Day One of my college career, through thick and thin, we’ve been through so much together. We knew each other’s stories, secrets, pasts, and goals. We’ve seen each other cry, laugh, get wasted, and even sleep. However, after a semester apart and new relationships, our friendship gradually started to fade…at least that’s how I felt.

Going back to our reunion, I just felt like there was a disconnection somewhere. Usually when we meet, we would always end up just being crazy and hysterically laughing at nothing. We always connected in a way no one else could have. Maybe it was the distance, or the timing, or just the fact that we’ve both matured in different ways that brought this mysterious wall between us.

Whatever it was, this time, we weren’t really laughing. We were barely agreeing on anything each of us were saying and there was just a solid seriousness and remoteness in the air. After we went our own ways, I started to think if we could ever be the same again.  Would we be able to share and rekindle that connection we had when we were freshmen? I’m guessing we might have to try harder, meet for lunch or dinner more, and just hang out in general with each other more.