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The contestants of Miss England were asked this week to put together an ensemble constructed from trash, along with their evening gown and swimwear. I personally think this is a hilarious addition to the already comical world of beauty pageants. It’s slightly embarrassing and attracting a ton of press, so hats off to the PR department of the show. Apparently, dressing beauty stars up in trash is supposed to encourage the world to recycle? Nope, didn’t work, but I did get a laugh out of it.

The real glory to this story is that you know some of these girls have definitely attended an “anything but clothes party” at least once on their journey to pageant superstardom. Of course, this is purely my speculation, but based off their innate ability to dress like a college student going to a frat party, I would say it’s more than likely. Miss umbrella tutu skirt really turned into a hot little ballerina. So if you didn’t learn anything about recycling, at least you have some new frat star costumes.

-Victoria Troxler

Sure, you did the right thing by recycling that Solo cup and bottle of Mountain Dew, but take a look in your recycling bin. You may be surprised to find that you have created a sea of colorful plastic and paper products. Those recycled goods, which would typically head to a plant to be melted down and reclaimed, have the ability to become something else. Art! Before emptying your overflowing recycling bin, put aside a few of the special or unique bottles, tops, or any items that you think have artistic potential. Disregard any sanitary thoughts you may have and take green living to a new, more artistic level!

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