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Winter brought bitterly cold winds and mounds of unpleasant snow. Flash forward five months and it is now April. After weeks of uncertain weather, my Swackett (Mac weather app) informed me that this week had the most potential of acting “Spring-like.” I prepped my Sperrys and light cardigans as I dreamed of sultry Syracuse days.

As I approached Schine on Tuesday afternoon, I saw the ominous and foreboding clouds closing in upon our campus. After securing a quiet spot at Jabberwocky Cafe, I was immediately alerted of the #SUMonsoon that had just occurred after coming indoors. Twitter and Facebook became instant hot spots for all the latest updates and pics of brown water rushing down streets and turning Bird Library’s steps into waterfalls.  Just when I thought Mother Nature had relinquished us of wild weather, we were bombarded by #Syrapacolypse.

The torrents of falling rain and streams of eery brown water caught us all by surprise. However, the real victim of #SUMonsoon 2011 was not your locks of luscious hair or essay assignment due that afternoon. It was your clothing. Soaked Sperrys, check. Drenched backpack or book bag, check. Wet t-shirt contest for all, check. Rain sucks.

Here’s the good news: there are ways to prepare yourself before the next #SUMonsoon strikes. Make sure you have these couple of items handy the next time you see the rain in the forecast. (more…)