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In emergency situations, we need to resuscitate the radio.

For those times when my iPod dies or I can’t access via laptop, I turn to the radio. Especially in the car, that mix CD I made gets a little overplayed.  Sometimes I forgot that essentially an entire playlist of songs shuffled by genre awaits me at the push of a button. I know most of the stations in my hometown, but for some reason, I never got around to learning them here in Syracuse. For those of you in the same boat, I did a little research. Listed below are the radio stations in Syracuse worthy of your attention: (more…)

Kevin and Jim are two crazy guys who decided to host a radio show of their own.  Filled with a variety of programming and commentary, these two welcome requests and are always in the mood for something new and exciting.  Even if you don’t live in Massachusetts, or New England for that matter, don’t worry.  It’s just a couple of grade-A college guys broadcasting some grade-A entertainment so you don’t shoot yourself studying for a midterm.

~Beckett Noyes, Asst. Blog Editor

Girls, if this doesn't disgust you, you disgust me...

Girls, if this doesn't disgust you, you disgust me...

Apparently I’m not representing all females when I say Rush Limbaugh is truly a butthead. The “King” of conservative media recently announced he was conducting a poll of how to appeal to more women listeners on his radio show. After taking a couple of previous polls, it was discovered that only 37% of women dig El Rushbo (the Man’s nickname for himself).

Yes the number is small, but percentages are still percentages, and 37% of women DIG El Rushbo. So, for heaven’s sake–what’s the deal? WHY?!

After endless research and reading countless articles, editorials, and blogs, I still couldn’t come up with any reasons why any woman in her sane mind would like him. I also couldn’t find any previously written articles exploring this idea. All I could find are people babbling about why women do hate him (shocking, I know).

I eventually decided I didn’t have many options left, so I consulted with my spring break crew, my 19-year-old male cousin and 75-year-old grandparents. What are any possible reasons why women like good ol’ Rushy? (more…)

Slackin’ Off

Posted: November 1, 2008 by jerkmag in BLARE -- music
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Slacker Internet Radio
Slacker Internet Radio












While watching TV the other night, I was struck by a particularly interesting commercial.  It was one of those ads that are so poorly planned out and produced that you wonder if the product they are selling is in fact real.