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One of the things I’ve noticed in my years at Syracuse University thus far is that more and more students of Asian descent have been coming to our school. It’s interesting because I’ve heard that just six or seven years ago, Asians were a bit of a rarity at SU. Since our campus now promotes and literally displays diversity all around, I thought that many people would be more aware and open-minded of the multiculturalism on our campus. But I guess I was wrong.

Just this past weekend, I was walking with a couple of my Asian friends on Euclid when a, possibly intoxicated, group of Americans called out to us, automatically labeled us as “Chinese” and mimicked what Chinese people supposedly sound like. Note that this has happened MANY times, not just this past weekend. Most of the time, we just let it go because they’re an ignorant mess. But I thought it’s about time I stand up for myself and my other Asian friends on this campus and address these sorts of situations.


Halloween is definitely the most entertaining of holidays. When done right, it is inventive, fun and at times horrifying. However, there is a bad side to the clearance people feel during Halloween. Inventive can be mistaken for other things, and costumes can easily cross lines and offend.

Let’s start with the good. Since trick-or-treating has a cutoff age, adults and college students find other ways to partake in the festivities, usually in the form of costume parties. Celebrities, with their resources of makeup artists and designer friends to create costumes for them, tend to have some incredible costumes when they put their minds to it. Here are a few of my favorite costumes from this year’s festivities:

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[[UPDATE: Since publication of this article, Benjamin Lin has decided to remove the video of the incident from YouTube out of respect for all those who appear in it. Excerpts from the video can be read below. Lin has since been in full cooperation with the Department of Public Safety. According to Lin, the situation has now been settled with Judicial Affairs.] ]

Hard to believe racism still exists, isn’t it? Well, actually, no. On the night of June 23, SU alum Benjamin Lin recorded a video of his neighbors on Walnut Avenue yelling racial slurs and chucking an unidentified object at the camera. The ill-informed delinquent you see in the video is making racial remarks, including but not limited to, “Hello Kitty! Hello Kitty!” and “Math, math, math!”

It comes as no surprise that he describes Asians and/or Asian Americans as “f*****s,” “m***********g fish,” and “ninjas.” He also thinks Asian males have “short dicks”—clearly, he hasn’t broadened his horizons as of late. This fine gentleman goes on to say Asian and/or Asian Americans get no respect in the United States. Well dear God, no kidding! And to think I haven’t learned enough during the 21 years I’ve lived on this perfect Earth. Here’s what he had to say about my friend who taped this: