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Ra Ra Riot at Cuse Nov 14th

Posted: October 26, 2012 by jerkmag in BLARE -- music
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Hey, Jerks! SU alums and indie rockers Ra Ra Riot are pleased to announce their upcoming tour and Syracuse homecoming. The group is known for their graceful string arrangements, in accord with carefully selected lyrics and buoyant pop rock beats. On November 14th, the band is pairing with renowned quartet Wired Strings for what will undeniably be a solid (and sold out) show in Setnor Auditorium. Tickets went on sale Tuesday, October 23rd at Schine box office, so make sure to pick one up!

Check out the show and Ra Ra Riot’s third album, ‘Beta Love’, available on January 22nd via Barsuk Records.

-Mikala Stubley

At the expense of full nights of sleep, homework, and any hope of prompt arrivals to work and/or early morning class, I saw a boatload of amazing shows this past week.  That’s three concerts, to be exact, plus one in-store performance I sadly missed.  (It’s still a sore subject.)  Let’s look at the week in review, shall we?

Monday, Nov. 3: Ra Ra Riot at Hoxton Bar Square and Kitchen in (you guessed it) Hoxton.

I’d already seen my fave Syracusians the first week of the semester in Camden Town, but I had to show up to give them another London listen, this time in a smaller, more intimate venue.  A few of us Syracuse kids shipped out to the East End to the rather nice Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen, a place I’d heard of and passed by before but hadn’t visited yet (partially due to its pricey drink menu).  The band tore through another energetic set, and it was a treat to be so close.  It felt a bit more like what I’d imagine of those old Syracuse house parties where they used to play.  Some of us even stuck around to say “hi” to them, and they seemed happy to meet some ‘Cuse kids as they began their overseas tour.  Check the photos:



Oh, and I got this sweet t-shirt.  I mean, it’s got a dinosaur on it.  How could I resist?: