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I’ve come up with a way to best describe senior year and see what wisdom I can impart on all you wee-little underclassmen when I depart from this world. I’m talking about the college world, so relax before you start calling the suicide prevention hotline. You know that thing called a “mid-life crisis” that many of your dads probably went through and you hear about so much?

Well, when I turned 20, I made a big joke about how I’m having a “quarter-life crisis.” I guess I kind of thought I was having one, mostly because I wasn’t a teenager any longer. But quarter-life crisis is actually a pretty good way to describe the feeling I’m having now, graduation looming within the year and what not. When you hit this time, you start to take a look back and reflect on just what exactly you’ve spent your entire college career doing. Personally, what it makes me think of is who I used to be.

Anyone who knows me in-depth, as you soon–yes, you there, sitting at the computer, I’m talking to you–will know when you read my every post and follow me throughout the semester, is that I like to think philosophically. I personally believe that you are not the same person you were years ago; experience, age and jadedness take its toll in many ways.

No, not that kind of Jade.