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When the punk scene first started in the late 1970’s/early 1980’s, punk was a rebellion against political icons of the era, the idea of peace, and the reestablishment of “the order” to reinstitute the idea of the perfect white generation. Once the punk area begun, it shot out throughout the US starting in California and branching out to the East Coast. From the hardcore/ska scene in the Oakland area to the hardcore Straight-Edge scene in Boston, it was a chance to breakout of the idea of cookie-cutter American stereotype and define rebellion to become an individual.

Coming from Salt Lake City, Utah, I was witness to the punk scene all my life. Though not usually what you hear from people who lived in Utah, the scene there was huge. Though it’s understandable, Utah has a broad separation between Mormons and rebels. Utah Punks being apart of this rebel scene, when coming to Syracuse I expected the punk scene to be life changing since NYC was not far away. Though when coming, I realized that my spectacular exposure was Avicci, Skrillex, and just shitty dubstep in general (I never heard of Dubstep when I was in Utah). I was pissed that no longer. So does this mean that in a place like New York that was hub to the legendary rebels that define the punk scene is slowly dying?

Bands like Bad Brains, The Dead Kennedys, Minor Threat, Black Flag, or bands from that era, never had the desire to be on Billboards #1 track. Back then, it was about everything that America had objectified as acceptable and completely rebelling against it. These bands were aware that never would their music become a career or have promoters, it was a type of music and scene that only cared about one thing: the music. Though, now in our era, we see and discover that artists such as Nicki Minaj, Drake, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, all focus on the promoting of music for consumers and the result of billions for songs that repeat “You a Stupid Hoe” for 3:32.

In such an era such as ours, rebellion is vital. With corruptions from the government, the hidden secrets, the standards of stereotypes, the punk scene from the 1980‘s is what this type of rebellion that is needed to tell officials in a 1:45 minute song, “Hey! Fuck you government! You’re fucked up!”  But in stead we have songs like Nicki Minaj’s top hit, “You a Stupid Hoe” as our rebellion. With such an important part of history slowly dying, does that mean are soon to be punk, rebellious classics will be left to people like Nicki Minaj? Is Punk really dead?

-Lakota Gambill

Brooklyn trio Vivian Girls are the most badass chicks in indie rock today. Their self-titled debut album is the perfect soundtrack to a demented sock hop for pissed off kids. Aggressive garage-rock riffs and reverb punctuate their ’60s girl-group harmonies. The 10-track record thrashes through at just over 20 minutes but still captures the Girls’ angst-fun.