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Imagine a protest that’s so heavily regulated by local authorities that you can’t use microphones, speakers or battery-powered bullhorns. Can you still have a protest without that amplified sound?

The protesters at Occupy Wall Street would certainly say so. They have initiated the use of the “human microphone”. If you’re having trouble picturing what exactly that is, you’re not alone. However, it’s  a lot more simple than you might think. The speaker says about five words of his or her sentence, and the crowd repeats it back to him or her. Still having trouble? Then, picture how loud it would be if hundreds of people repeated those words in unison at the top of their lungs. Yeah, it’s a little deafening.

The Nation’s online website ran an article on Oct. 3, about the “human microphone” concept  being executed by the protest’s participants.  A permit is required in NYC to use any kind of “‘amplified sound’ in public.” Although Liberty Plaza is technically a private area, its owners have chosen to enforce the city’s ban, adding sleeping bags, tents and other equipment to the list as well.

While the “human microphone” may not be the most efficient means of public speaking, it certainly emphasizes the points being made. Plus, it’s attracted more media attention than they would have otherwise. Just goes to show, camaraderie and the human spirit are a powerful combination. Get it guys. Stick it to the man!

-Erin Elzo

There’s a curious little ongoing demonstration in New York City, officially dubbed Occupy Wall Street, that you might not have heard about. I personally just learned about this grassroots movement in opposition of Wall Street’s greed, so that alone speaks volumes about how well it’s being covered by the mainstream media.

The protest, which has now entered its eighth day, has no actual attendance figures, aside from the questionable claim of 15,000 made by the demonstration’s own personal website. But, if the videos and testimonies are anything to go on, there are clearly at least a few thousand people taking part in the protest.

Normally, I wouldn’t advocate events like this because I feel that, as a political blogger, I should be writing about my personal thoughts and opinions rather than endorsing a particular organization. However, this is another sad example of the sheer political hypocrisy that I see in our country. When the Tea Party does anything, anything at all, it’s covered in the news ad nauseum. Yet, Occupy Wall Street is clearly not being covered by the media, aside from the occasional blurb. (See for yourself.)


Asswipes protesting on Waverly Avenue in Syracuse

The scenery on my way down to Marshall Street...beautiful isn't it. Also, for clarity's sake, most of these people are witnesses, not protestors.

If you look closely at the sign, it says “Islam is an Evil, Oppressive, Violent, Murderous Religion” and I can’t even begin to say how incredibly inaccurate this statement is. If you have any semblance of a brain and aren’t deluded by those hatemongers akin to Glenn Beck, you’ll already know. If you don’t, I have no way of convincing you because you clearly belong to a faction of American society that follows ignorant statements spewed by TV pundits pandering to the lowest common public fear for ratings. Coincidentally, this is exactly what Hitler did to get elected in Germany and then carry out the Holocaust.

On a side note, the gentleman in the black coat with his back turned to the camera followed me after I took this picture with my cellphone. He seems to believe that he can sue me if I post this on the Internet. He clearly doesn’t know his media law (thank you Professor Gutterman). He was in a public place, the sidewalk on the corner of University and Waverly Avenue in Syracuse. This locale is just outside the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, ripe full of budding journalists. Smart location if you want to keep your ignorant, protesting identity a secret.

Second side note, the guy holding the sign is changing it up. Last week his sign featured an aborted fetus. Someone needs a day job.

–Kate Holloway, Editor-at-Large

Update 3:10 PM – I forgot to mention that the man with the hateful sign was also holding another sign about Jesus and love and spewing out messages to the effect that Islam was spread on the hilt of a sword (I can’t remember the exact quote, so I won’t try to put it). I know we’re the ironic generation, but Crusades and American colonization anyone?