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It’s midterm time, aka, a good time to get shit together.  If you are anything like me – this is not an easy task. I often find that by the middle of the semester I feel like I am constantly being pulled in a million different directions WHICH usually means – I don’t actually end up going in any direction. This is not exactly the best state of mind to be in the night before you have a test that is 30 percent of your  grade.

So my gift to you (and myself) is a place where you can hopefully find some focus. At least I think some of these tips have helped me. They may seem a bit like common sense or redundant, but one of the tips, “create a place by the door,” has helped me. I used to just throw my lanyard with my keys somewhere in the clutter of my desk. Now, I’ve found that I can save a lot of time that would have been spent digging though papers on my desk by hanging my lanyard on a hook by my dorm door.

Even though this article may seem as if it’s aimed at middle aged women, I think that pretty much anyone can benefit from these tips. If you don’t believe me, see for yourself. I dare you to try one. I mean, even if reading this takes time away from your studying, it’s probably more productive than Facebook and/or Twitter.

– Shannon Hazlitt