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Since Charlie Sheen’s “winning” streak has been put to an end, Lindsay Lohan figured it was her time to shine; this time, most likely in orange. Oh wait, she has done that already hasn’t she? Yesterday morning, Lohan was sent back to court for a 10 a.m. hearing on her latest probation violation in which she failed a court-ordered alcohol test this week. Just to refresh your memory, her probation was put in place because of a 2007 DUI conviction. Aside from the pathetic aspect of it all, she was just 35 days away from finishing her house arrest sentence.

The only thing worse than having to hear about the trials of Lindsay Lohan time and time again, is having to hear all about her fashion choices while appearing in court. For some reason, the media is seriously under the impression that the topic of “what Lindsay wore to court” is worthy of discussion. They will start off by saying something very informative like “Lindsay is in court again today for…’ followed by something like this: