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First the whole world watched in awe as Kate Middleton married Prince William, then this past week everyone cringed while watching Kim Kardashian marry Kris Humphries in an E! two-part special.  Obviously, a wedding as special as Kim’s had to be shown in two parts a month after the actually ceremony took place. Everyone watched the pre-wedding preparations like Kris Jenner’s facelift and Rob’s battle with his weight loss (he’s still cute even at 200+ pounds).

Like every average wedding, Kim had a personal fitting with Vera Wang for her not one, but three dresses and Robin Thicke performed. Also, did I mention Kim and Kris–Humphries that is–were paid $12 million by E! for the exclusive film rights to the wedding. I know a few people who would get married for much less.


In America we have Super Bowl Sunday. In England they have the Oxford versus Cambridge boat race.

A tradition since 1829, once a year the rowing teams from Oxford University and Cambridge University meet on The Thames River one Sunday in March to race. I attended this race on March 29. You might think that an event that that draws up to 250,000 spectators drinking alcohol left and right would be fun. However, this event is the opposite of fun, it was downright boring.

Cambridge takes a lead on Oxford. They're just as bored with the race as I was.

Cambridge takes a lead on Oxford. They're just as bored with the race as I was.

I heard that the royalty attended this event, that woman wear big hats (think Kentucky Derby head gear) and fancy dresses. However, all I saw were men dressed in their preppiest attire (collared shirts, v-neck sweaters and blazers), while women wore anything from casual dresses to sweat pants. But the biggest letdown had to be that Prince William was nowhere in sight. (more…)