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THE DAY HAS ARRIVED!  After 9 months of waiting, Adele fans can rejoice! The Brit powerhouse singer has finally given birth to (drum roll, please) a healthy baby boy! Is anyone else jealous in knowing that her little bundle of newborn joy will have his own, and very personal, Adele lullaby concert every single night of his existence?!

In early August, after a photo of an extremely preggo Adele landed on the cover of Life & Style, a rumor surfaced that she and her 38 year old boyfriend, Simon Konecki, had pulled a Reynolds/Lively and had a top secret wedding.  However, since then, the couple has incessantly shot down engagement rumors time and time again; Adele even tweeted on August 30th writing, “I am not married….zzzzz.”

Although marriage is not on the horizon for Adele, I sure hope a new album is! Congratulations Adele! And baby Adele, just know I am jealous.

That is all.

– Tess Kornfeld