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Subcomandante Marcos, seen here conveniently not existing.

[Mexico] has no serious prospects of regional secession or disputed territories, unlike the Middle East.

-Enrique Krauze, New York Times

Dear NY Times,

I know financial times are tough and you want to trim the fat, but it is probably not advisable for you to continue to publish your paper sans an editor. Y’know, one of those people in suspenders who hold a pencil between their teeth and squint at the articles you are going to run. They usually serve to make sure you don’t print insane things.

Hell you could just hire some kid to scan Wikipedia and give him or her college credit. Spending 45 seconds visiting at the Wiks would have revealed that: “In August 2003, the EZLN declared all Zapatista territory an autonomous government independent of the Mexican state.”

[pause for any gasps or drinks spit out] (more…)

Workweek at Bernie’s

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To pay for the programs that they’re going to put in, they’re going to have to get the money somewhere, and the unions will go after anybody who works for a living…there’s no question about it. Joe the Plumber, whatever the hell he does for a living, is going to pay for this in the future along with everybody else. This is the demise of a civilization, this is how a civilization disappears…. If a retailer has not gotten involved in this, if he has not spent money on this election, if he has not sent money to [Minnesota Senator] Norm Coleman and all these other guys, they should be shot…. Trying to get CEOs to understand this, so far, some of them have come out of their deep sleep, but most of them have not come out of their deep sleep. Hopefully, calls like this will stir up the pot. As a shareholder, if I knew the CEO of the company wasn’t doing anything on this, on something that was going to have a dramatic effect on my business, I would sue the son of a bitch.

– Bernie Marcus, Grand Moff of Home Depot (via Doug Henwood)

Well, anything that would provoke this reaction is probably worth supporting, eh? As it happens, the subject of Bernie’s rant is the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) which will, with the passage of the simulus bill, become the next piece of legislation in the crosshairs of domestic reactionaries. (more…)


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Today! Swing by event specialist Emily Warne’s article for the run down on Ani Difranco’s upcoming concert and other holiday festivities.

Also, don’t forget about political columnist Jose Martinez’s post-election analysis.  Keep a look out for the politics articles in the coming weeks as both Jose and John Cassillo analyze Obama’s transition to The White House.

Read on for a funny interview Obama did a few months back with The Daily Show‘s host Jon Stewart…


Friday = Politics and Events at JERK

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Guten morgen,

Today!  Check out “Left to Right” for the final thoughts of our resident political junkies (John Cassillo and Jose Martinez) before Election Day on November 4th…

Also, take a break from all your endless boozing and check out Emily Warne’s post on Halloween and the Westcott!

Read on for my unbiased view of the three major candidates (yes, including Ralph Nader)…


I’m pissed off. For so long, I and other independent political observers could only speculate that America’s tender democracy — a system so beloved by so many so-called patriots that its advancement around the globe has cost this nation almost unfathomable quantities of blood and treasure in wars both hot and cold — is tragically flawed, not so much by any philosophical error on the part of the Founding Fathers, but by the willing ignorance of the citizenry and the dutiful deception and manipulation of that once-proud body by its government. Anyone paying attention could also reasonably deduce the mainstream media has sold out, as well, trading Truth and substantive discourse for ratings buzz and cheap headlines. The whole thing, it could be reasoned, is broken beyond repair.

I often took solace in the uncertainty of my cynicism, though, the inability to prove my pessimism, the thought that maybe I’m just one of many arrogant doomsayers incapable of seeing all the inherent good in a system built around something as fair as the Jeffersonian concept of one man, one vote. It’s romantic, after all, isn’t it? And there’s something to be said for romantic notions of equality. At the very least, perhaps the little plan outlined all those years ago on a now-tattered swatch of parchment deserves the benefit of the doubt.

But then this fucking primary season happened, and my worst fears have been confirmed, all those monsters lingering in the closet of my consciousness proven real by this campaign without end. I knew it was coming, too, when after having overachieving through Super Tuesday and then rattling off twelve consecutive primary and caucus wins Barack Obama had still failed to wrap up the Democratic nomination for president. The whole affair has since devolved into a back-and-forth battle between whoever happens to be most popular at a given moment in time, Obama or Hillary Clinton, based on some bullshit tangential issue that, thanks to rampant media harping, grips the nation and distracts from the things that matter most — economic and health-care plans, foreign-policy goals, ending our current war and avoiding our next one. (more…)