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The famous Red Light District in Amsterdam.

The famous Red Light District in Amsterdam.

Hello, my name is Wesley Milillo and I am a Jerk Blog correspondent from Strasbourg, France (Thanks, Krystie Lee Yandoli). Can I refer to myself as a correspondent? Probably not, for I am not that legit. Nevertheless, it will provide me with some modicum of self-assurance that will let me sleep at night. Sad.

Anyway, right now I am en route to Paris to spend a few days and nights there before I embark farther  to Amsterdam (oh yeah I said Amsterdam) and Cologne within a ten day span. If I am still coherent (read: if I am not found battered and bruised on some street corner of the Red Light District) by that time, you will hear more from me.

But back to the plane ride. I do not understand planes.  They cram us in like sardines. Why? So that AirFrance can make a few extra bucks, meanwhile the person next to me smells like she hasn’t even heard of the theory of a shower, let alone the act itself. (more…)

Dog Escapes At Airport, Stupidity Ensues

Posted: October 30, 2008 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives
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"Uhh, tower, we've got an adorable problem here..."

“Uhh, tower, we’ve got an adorable problem here…”

Eight flights were delayed Saturday night at Logan International Airport while airport employees and State Police chased a poodle around the tarmac, The Boston Globe reports.

Sources guess that the poodle, named Choochy, escaped from her kennel while the plane was being unloaded. Employees quickly captured the tiny dog and returned her to her owners.