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Voters all over Pennsylvania are laying down their cheese steaks to discuss a proposed voter ID law that would require everyone to show a valid, government issued identification at the polls on Election Day in November.  I know that for many readers this leads to two questions: “so what?” quickly followed by “who cares?”

So what?  A law that requires voters to present government ID may not seem like a very radical idea, but in reality a law like this would target a few specific demographics that statistics show tend not to have government identification.  These groups are mostly minorities and the elderly, and for those of you not familiar with this three ring circus we call politics, pretty much everyone in those groups are Democrats who would be casting their vote for President Obama in November.

Who cares?  Well, if you like Barack (I shook his hand once, we are on a first name basis) then you probably should care.  Pennsylvania is a major battleground state in what is shaping up to be a neck and neck race for the oval office.  So if you want to keep Mitt Romney’s special Mormon undergarments out of the White House washing machine, listen up.

Politics is full of sly handiwork and redistricting that have the specific goal of getting a candidate the upper hand in the election, so this is no big deal, right?  Wrong!  When politicians play dirty, they are sneaky about it.  Being sneaky is politics 101, you learn it in dirty politician school right before you start the chapter on bagging call girls and never actually answering a question.  Pennsylvania House Republican Leader Mike Turzai spoke about the law, saying “Voter ID, which is going to allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania.  Done.”  That’s pretty bold Mr. Turzai…and not sneaky whatsoever!

But even more insulting than passing a law that deliberately disenfranchises nearly ten percent of (mostly Democrat) Pennsylvania voters is the fact that Republican supporters of the law say that it is necessary to prevent voter fraud.  Proponents of the law who are not quite as bold as Turzai claim that the enormous issue posed by voter fraud needed to be addressed, and that the law is in no way part of a partisan agenda.  For the record, there were 13 cases of voter fraud recorded between 2000 and 2010, so it is comforting knowing that Republicans are tackling such a serious issue.  Next on their agenda is the enormous number of undocumented leprechauns running wild through the woods of Pennsylvania.

To learn more about voter ID laws and make sure that you are prepared to cast your vote in November check out this website and keep on Jerkin.

-Heather Lewis