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Finally, it looks like MTV will air a show that might actually be good. The Hard Times of RJ Berger (starting this June) is essentially about a high school nerd who has a huge… er… member. Schlong. Pork sword. Whatever you want to call it, he’s got a gigantic one, and he’s going to use it to his advantage.

While The Hard Times of RJ Berger looks a tad formulaic (read: fat sidekick), it’s got potential. Here’s to hoping they live up to their promise that it’s more than one giant dick joke.

The Virgin Ride

Posted: November 12, 2008 by jerkmag in Uncategorized
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I have met many virgins lately, more than last year actually. They are everywhere. I wonder how are they coping with being on such a sexual campus? I will admit (and I think we all know) that there is a lot of pressure around one who still has the virginity card. I still remember when, in senior year, everyone was having sex before me. I was actually proud of myself, but then came the acceptance letter from Syracuse. I was freaking thrilled, but then all my guy friends burst my bubble of happiness (not the bubble you are thinking about) by telling me, “you better loose your virginity before you get to college, or a frat boy will take it from you”. I didn’t believe it!