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I can hear Penelope now…”Amanda, Please!!!”

Giving Mean Girls star, Lindsay Lohan, a break (and starting feuds with her via twitter) from the lime light, another troubled former child star has caused a stir and this time it is Amanda Bynes. In case you have been MIA since Bynes’ last movie came out, here is a hint: these days, she is totally NOT the man.

Taking a note from Cher Horowitz of Clueless, funny girl Bynes has proved to the world that she definitely cannot drive. After a countless number of hit and runs, one not so cool DUI, and a scandalous photograph of her lighting up a bong behind the wheel, her license has finally been suspended by the Burbank County police. However, after All That (get it?), she STILL continues to drive, and was seen riding dirty around LA in her black BMW 5-series. Yikes!!!

Not only does Bynes have issues with depth perception, she is also getting physical with paparazzi. In addition to her recent run-in with the paparazzi being disturbingly incoherent, it was conveniently caught on tape. Watch the chilling confrontation here. Is anyone else having flashbacks of Britney Spears circa 2007?!

Bring in the dancing lobsters: this starlet is going down!!!

– Tess Kornfeld