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The Ragings of Valleys

Posted: June 9, 2012 by jerkmag in BLARE -- music
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Knife Party, the original Australian-duo that we hear blasting on the speakers of Fiji, has released a new album that some Syracuse students say, is going to be the new hit not only at parties, but all around campus.

The duo being known for their first EP, 100% No Modern Talking, Knife Party went on a peak of popularity, especially in the party scene. Their most popular song from the album, Internet Friends, not only gave us a taste of the style of Knife Party, but their unique drops that made the duo famous.

Approaching the sound with the sense of raging and excessive fist pumping, Knife Party’s sounds consist of the bass at different levels in combination with lower bass wobbles. Making the audience wait for the ultimate bass drop that clenches their fist in excitement and what defines, dubstep.

However, this clenching fist beat is nothing similar to the dubstep that is similar to Avicii or Skrillex that just makes you want to take shots and dance on tables. But rather, the sound that you want to listen to when angry or want to go past the point of hard to extreme raging. This is because of Knife’s Party unique sound that is the lower base frequency in repetitive bass wobbles that leads up to a drop that when peaked, pauses then peaks with low, hard, and slamming beats.

These raging beats are heard in their new released E.P., Rage Valley. In the new E.P., Knife Party brings a sound that is similar to the Bloody Beetroots but with their unique twist. The very electronic and excessive beats define the E.P. to be its title, Rage Valley. Knowing their raging audience, Knife Party compliments the bass drop with a progressive, extended, exciting build up that when released, makes Syracuse students rage hard. Knife Party’s new E.P. not only brings new music to Syracuse, but what memories, beats, and drops the new E.P. will bring in the fall.

-Lakota Gambill

You’re right, it’s not just a celebration of your birth, it’s a freaking holiday! Whether your birthday is today or a year from yesterday, the planning for your big day must begin NOW! Every second you waste could have been a second utilized to book the party stripper or exotic feline.

There are two ways to approach planning a birthday celebration. Option one involves you taking the reins and ensuring that your birthday will never, ever be forgotten. Option two is trusting a friend with the responsibility of making sure your day goes down in history.

While both options have equal potential, there is something to be said for planning your own shindig. With thoughts of narcissism out of mind, you guarantee that everything is just the way you want it when you make all the important decisions. You get the extra-decadent cake you want, you get the cocktails you want, you get the friends you want to attend. These are just some of the pros of planning your party.

If you decide to defer responsibility to a friend, make sure they’re a good friend. The classmate you met in Writing 205 last week is probably not the finest choice. You want someone who knows you inside and out and who will plan things that never would have crossed your mind. Everybody has this friend, it’s just a question of whether they’re willing to step up to the plate. A healthy bribe is always a good way to get someone moving.

Now that the party planner has been chosen, it’s time to ensure that a few birthday necessities are picked up. A great college birthday would not be complete without: (more…)

‘Ello, mates!

It’s my one month anniversary tomorrow!

You know, between me and London. It didn’t take long for me to fall head over heels for Londontown – which is a pretty accurate nickname. Full of sneaky little passageways and parks that crap all over Central Park (or Thorndon, for that matter) London is both a city and a town in all its medieval, cobble stoned, overcast glory. For the next 2 and a half months, you’ll be reading about my travels, my disasters (they’re bound to be plentiful), and my account of this cheeky town. And for your first taste of cheekiness, lets talk about the Regent Street Festival.

Regent Street Festival

Regent Street Festival

I live on a cute little curved street called Stourcliff off of Edgeware road, the street of shawarma fame courtesy of fellow Jerk-blogger (and great friend) Megan Hess. I’m seconds from all Middle East culture, Hookah galore and the biggest shopping street in London – Oxford Street. Passed the Primark – where 3 pound flats and 8 pound cardigans are as good as gold – the awkward lingerie stores and the ever tempting waffle carts sits Regent Street, the Fifth Avenue of London. On a normal day, it’s bustling with the clicks of riding boots and the swiping of worn out credit cards. But not on Sunday, the 27th.

Riddle me this: what would you expect out of a street festival? If you’ve ever been to a “festival” in NYC, you’d expect cheap sunglasses, weird women in dreadlocks selling handmade jewelry, some poorly made chicken satay and a good chance you’ll be felt up.

Oh no, my fellow Jerk. Not in Londontown. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about the UK crowd, they know how to party. And when they say festival, they mean festival.

Regent St. Fashion show

Regent St. Fashion show

I’m talking a ferris wheel. A giant ferris wheel right in the middle of London’s Fifth Ave., only to be accompanied by a giant carousel that kicks the Carousel Mall’s ass. What else was on the menu? Oh you know, just some jugglers, balloons, face painting, a full runway show, a 10 foot long candy table, Lady Gaga wannabes, live piano, and two very tasty, greased up Calvin Klein models in all their boxer-brief glory.


Being the foodie that I am, I bean lined past the stuffed shorts right to the candy table. Under one glorious tent lived a table of sugary, sour, sweet, chocolate, cakey, cheap candy. After scooping up as many gummy coke bottles and macaroon balls as I could, I sampled some really great (see: cheap) Thai food while being accosted by street performers and drunk Brits. Because it’s not a broo-ha-ha without the brew in the UK.

All the while, this was for charity. London managed to eat, drink, and party their way to the tune of Cancer Research UK, who accepted donations from festival fiends and high end retail on the streets.

Who knows what cheeky discovery I’ll make next! Off to see Big Ben. You have to do the touristy stuff, too! Until next time, Cheers!

-Nina Elias