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Fall Couture Shows 2012

Posted: July 18, 2012 by jerkmag in TRIM -- style
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July 5th was the final day of the Fall Couture shows in Paris. The extraordinary visuals and glittering gowns grab worldly attention twice a year. Couture is an opportunity for designers push the limits and show their bravado. Among the numerous shows, by far the greatest hits are from Versace, Bouchra Jarrar, Giambattista Valli and Chanel.

Versace’s gowns are breathtaking, ethereal and every girl’s dream. The overall concept was taken from the design of tarot cards. Models float down the runway in waves of fabric trailing behind them. Donatella’s touch is soft but also dramatic in her color palette.

Bourchra Jarrar’s collection did not resemble haute couture in the typical sense. Her collection was mostly ready to wear though the clear vision and perfect cut is getting this young designer some attention. Showing ready to wear designs so early is a smart way to have the full attention of press and buyers before the madness begins in September.

If you were hoping to see more avante guarde fashion, then you’ll love Giambattista Valli’s couture collection. Deep reds and emeralds combined with high collars and dramatic silhouettes are perfectly romantic for fall. His inspiration came from Monet—think floral and water lilies with a powerfully enchanting charm.

And then there is Chanel. Karl Lagerfeld has a way of keeping Chanel’s classic elegance in tact even as he explores the present. His couture collection is best described as ‘new vintage’. The collection was a combination of classic Chanel tweed suits, coatdresses, and dreamy chiffon tulle gowns in stormy grays and pinks. Lagerfeld declared the tweed fabric he used was all embroidered—taking over three thousand hours of work!

-Sara Freund

Levi’s Cowboys on the Champs-Elysées

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Ellie Saab, Fendi, Givenchy, Lacoste and Louis Vuitton couldn’t seem more luxurious—but on Avenue des Champs-Elysées, they are.  One of the most famous and expensive strips of real estate this street in Paris is known for its beauty, shopping and luxe cafes.  Champs-Elysées means Elysian Fields, which in Greek mythology is the blessed resting place of the dead.  Rather fitting considering on this street I would be in heaven while my bank account slowly dies on the sidewalk outside.

Levi’s has opened their new store on the Champs-Elysées and the brand is celebrating by launching a new series of collaborations between designers from the two nations.  After all 156 years ago Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis transformed Serge de Nimes, a fabric worn by French sailors, into the beloved rugged all-American denim jeans.

Collaboration is at the heart of the brand, and first up to the challenge is Parisian Pedro Winter and New York’s James Murphy.  They have teamed up to create a unisex clothing collection that features a DFA T-shirt with King Kong hanging off the Eiffel Tower exclusively at the new store in Paris.  Levi’s new store will also stock vintage collections and offer tailor shop services.

-Sara Freund

Since the beginning of his career, Kanye has made it a point to showcase a discourse of style through his personal appearances and music videos. Since 2008, he has made one of the most legitimate celebrity entrances into the fashion arena.

The most common error celebrities commit when considering a design career is the desire for another hyphen (e.g. actor-singer-fashion designer). They propagate the misconception that fashion is not a career that demands study and a particular skill set, not an industry full of vapid shallow individuals.

Kanye’s first formal step was to intern at Fendi under the tutelage of Karl Lagerfeld, which is obviously not where most begin, but definitely an incredible opportunity. From there, began his collaborations with Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton. Eventually, he released his popular sneaker, the Air Yeezy.


And there goes another one...

Paris, midnight Friday: John Galliano is arrested. The reason? Apparently he assaulted a couple at a café by making anti-Semitic remarks. The couple filed a police report against him. Subsequently, he was suspended from his functions as Creative Director at Dior.

Immediately, the Internet went up in a storm about the news. John Galliano has been at Dior for 14 years. He has never had a serious incident or put Dior in the news for any antics. As his first fuck up, he is pretty much ousted. That is not to say that the allegations against him are not serious. They are, but so far, he has strongly denied them. He has shown up at the police station with three witnesses and has filed a defamation suit against the couple.

It seems brash for LVMH to react this way considering the time he has been the identity of the brand and been drama-free. They owe it to him, to at least give him the benefit of the doubt until all proof is assessed. Then again, LVMH is corporate, and we all know how dispensable they consider creatives.

– Nadjma Sako

Otto the Orange in front of the Palace of Versailles.

Otto the Orange in front of the Palace of Versailles.

Last time we left off, I was indubitably unnerved by the flight to Paris. But since that time, I have been traveling with a caravan of students and professors to three major cities. Suffice to say, my attitude has changed quite a bit.

Arriving in Paris, we had the fortune of taking a boat ride (tour) of the Seine. It was quite wonderful to see the different buildings in the dusk light. It was not great, however, to almost develop hypothermia as we rode around the freezing city while the winds blew around 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Nevertheless, it was a great sight to see. Over the course of the next few days in Paris we saw many monuments, historical sites and numerous public displays of affection. Seriously. Every, and any time I took the metro, I saw people locking lips. Three emotions ran through my mind each time (in this order): disgust, curiosity, envy. I should think that a French girl would be interested in a strapping American lad, non? Either way, the city of lights was as elegant as it was cold.

I was able to make it down to Shakespeare and Company as well. It is a bookstore that the expatriate community of the 1920’s often spent time at writing and reading, as well as toss back ideas between young, prolific writers. Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Stein. I felt smarter just standing amongst the superfluously anachronistic shelves lined with books that have changed the world. (more…)

The famous Red Light District in Amsterdam.

The famous Red Light District in Amsterdam.

Hello, my name is Wesley Milillo and I am a Jerk Blog correspondent from Strasbourg, France (Thanks, Krystie Lee Yandoli). Can I refer to myself as a correspondent? Probably not, for I am not that legit. Nevertheless, it will provide me with some modicum of self-assurance that will let me sleep at night. Sad.

Anyway, right now I am en route to Paris to spend a few days and nights there before I embark farther  to Amsterdam (oh yeah I said Amsterdam) and Cologne within a ten day span. If I am still coherent (read: if I am not found battered and bruised on some street corner of the Red Light District) by that time, you will hear more from me.

But back to the plane ride. I do not understand planes.  They cram us in like sardines. Why? So that AirFrance can make a few extra bucks, meanwhile the person next to me smells like she hasn’t even heard of the theory of a shower, let alone the act itself. (more…)

The Jerkalicious Way To Save Money in Expensive Cities

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ave money at this tourist hot spot and climb the tower instead of taking the elevator.

Save money at this tourist hot spot and climb the tower instead of taking the elevator.

When it came to traveling to Paris, all anyone told me was how expensive everything was. “You won’t be able to find a meal for less than 35 euros per person,” one friend said.

“If you search really hard, maybe you’ll find dinner for 20 euros, although, that’s only if you look really, really hard,” someone else told me. (more…)


I can feel myself wilting a bit — after all, I’ve been up since 5:30 this morning to catch my Eurostar train back to London.  It’s late in the evening the day of my return from my latest adventure in the none other than the Paris, the gorgeous City of Light. This belle ville was everything I could have asked for, and that’s after 6 years of high school and middle school French class, complete with oral presentations, bad accents, and yearly French food festivals in the cafeteria (hard to top, I know).  

After a brief and relaxing rendez-vous in Amsterdam to begin my semester break, it was off to the city of romance, famous writers and painters, Napoleon, and crêperies at every corner.  Crêpes, in all their sweet and savory varieties, shaped the bulk of my diet as well as healthy doses of frothy café au lait and la glace (ice cream, naturally).  When not indulging my sweet tooth, my friends and I filled our days with endless walking, hitting up a lot of the art museums and major monuments — Arc de Triompe, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, to name a few.  (more…)