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This spring, Oxygen network premiers a new reality show, The World According to Paris.  Oxygen promises the docu-series that follows the Hollywood heiress reveals the girl behind the red carpets, the makeup, and the glamour.  Hilton teased to RadarOnline, “the [show] is an inside look into my life, my relationship, my family, friends and everything that happens on a daily basis.”  Hilton goes on, “There’s a lot of laughs, tears, drama and fun! Viewers are going to get to see the real me and get to see what its like to be me.”  Oh yippee!

“I wasn’t ready to do a reality show until now,” says Paris.  While the concept is far from groundbreaking, and by no means appears to echo “Emmy” from it’s mist, the show surely looks to entertain Hiltonites who can’t get enough of the heiress.  Hilton calls her previous roles on The Simple Life and My BFF mere “characters.”   She dished to Entertainment Tonight, “I had continued doing that character, so I think people assume that’s really how I am” (watch the entire interview here).  So, will The World According to Paris reveal a genius businesswoman that continues to fool the general population?  Probably not.  But I predict the show will unveil a new Paris that the world has never seen before.  As the heiress turns 30, which is documented on the show, Paris seems ready to drop the “that’s hot” bimbo façade and get on with her life as a businesswoman (she plans to release her 12th fragrance soon) and heiress figurehead.

Hilton’s mother, Kathy, joins Paris, and Charlie Sheen’s estranged wife, Brooke Mueller on the show.  “The World According to Paris” premiers Wednesday, June 1st at 10pm on Oxygen Network.

-Jake Hebert

Sunglasses Indoors? That’s Hot.

Posted: March 25, 2009 by Nancy Mucciarone in Uncategorized
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I guess Paris would fit in just getting out of class at SU

I guess Paris would fit in just getting out of class at SU

I’ve been mildly confused about a bizarre trend that is going around campus. Yes, I understand that we have just begun “spring” in Syracuse, so your Uggs and earmuffs are still perfectly acceptable. The temperature is in the teens when you factor in the wind chill, so I see nothing wrong with bundling up with a Northface and a scarf. What I cannot even begin to fathom, however, is WHY people are wearing sunglasses when it is cloudy out, or better yet, sunglasses while inside!

Celebrities in LA have been sporting this look for years, but for them, it makes sense. Take Paris Hilton for example. She’s six feet tall, has bleached blonde hair, and is famous for absolutely nothing. The girl has made sex tapes on more occasions than days she’s actually worked. Obviously the paparazzi are going to be ALL over that, snapping pictures every step she takes. (more…)