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Diane Von Furstenburg, President of the CFDA

Paris Fashion Week ended less than a week ago, and already the drama has begun. Usually, it is about designers switching houses or editors at magazines. Well, not this year. The issue comes from Milan.

Fashion weeks are orchestrated by a reigning fashion authority of some sort that determines the parameters of the industry within each country or city. For example, in the US, the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) makes major decisions about helping young designers and nurturing the industry in America. The BFC (British Fashion Council) serves the same purpose in the United Kingdom, and so on.

Days after the conclusion of fashion week, the Camera Nazionale della Moda (Milan’s equivalent of the BFC and CFDA) announced the dates for Milan Fashion Week’s 2013 spring collections. The dates are September 19-25, which would push up Milan FW a whole week, therefore, intruding on the end of New York FW and essentially overlapping with London FW.


Last Thursday in Paris, fashion week was fully under way. Balenciaga was the first order of the day, and what a start that was. Balenciaga is one of the most respected houses in fashion, period. And Nicolas Ghesquiere, who has been the genius behind the collections since 1997, is purely untouchable.

Usually, fashion darlings are newly emerging designers that press all the right buttons, and as a result, are beloved by the industry. Yet, Ghesquiere has been a fashion darling for over a decade and shows no signs of slowing down. His collections for Balenciaga have been tremendous commercial and critical successes. He does not seem to do any wrong.

He can get away with pretty much anything. That’s a good thing, because at Thursday’s Balenciaga show, the unthinkable happened. As the show was about to begin, guests started to hear cracks in their benches, and suddenly they collapsed. Imagine being in a room with Anna Wintour, Catherine Deneuve, Salma Hayek and Alexandra Shulman, and all of a sudden, you are flat on your ass.