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App Spotlight: Pair

Posted: May 25, 2012 by jerkmag in SURF -- tech
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Will you take Jessica, in sickness and in health, till the Pair app doesn’t work and you can’t communicate anymore? I do.

Assuming you’re able to get a girl or boyfriend, and assuming they somehow stay with you long enough to be in a committed relationship, and assuming they move to a different city and create an obstacle in your relationship’s path… do not fear. The folks at TenthBit Inc. have got you covered. Their “Pair” app is one of the latest ways of keeping in touch. The app’s marketing strategy is directed at couples, and offers them a way to keep in touch in an easier, (probably creepier), way.

The idea is simple; while your iPhone messaging app can share text, images and short clips, this app combines them all and adds much more. It integrates Facebook, Twitter, voice clips and even the ability to draw something. No not the game, actually drawing something and making little doodles for each other. This app essentially combines almost all forms of communication available in today’s world and makes it private between two people.

All joking, sarcasm, and Jerk-yness aside -this app is quite clever and the best part …  it’s free. Before iMessaging, one of the most useful apps on many peoples’ phones were apps like Whatsapp, which allowed you to text through your 3G connection, meaning you could text for free from anywhere in the world as long as you were connected to WiFi. With the release and automated switch into iMessaging, there’s no longer any use for apps like Whatsapp. This is where Pair is very clever. It recognizes what the integrated messaging app on your iPhone can’t do, and makes you feel like you need to do it. Could you survive without Pair? Definitely. But it’s free, and probably quite useful once you and your significant other get used to it. Even for families and friends who live apart, integrating all forms of communication and social media is a great way of keeping in touch.

Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? Actually they have, Ryan the temp from the Office tried to patent WUPHF, but no one believed in him (I hope at least a few of you get this reference).