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Meet the Bloggers: Diana Pearl

Posted: September 9, 2012 by jerkmagblog in WATCH -- TV
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Hey Jerks, I’m Diana. This semester, I’ll be taking you inside the wonderful world of film, and leading you down the road to the Oscars. As someone who views Academy Award night with the same anticipation that little kids do for Christmas morning, I can’t wait to blog all about it. Here’s a little bit about myself before I delve into posting.

Year/Major: I’m a Junior Magazine/History major

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Most Embarrassing Moment: When I tripped in my new heels at a press event for my summer internship, in a room filled with top NYC magazine editors. I quickly hid my nametag.

Biggest Lie I’ve Ever Told: I don’t have a shopping problem
Movie I Could Watch Over And Over: Gone With the Wind – a cinematic classic. I’m also utterly addicted to the PBS period drama Downtown Abbey.
Follow me on twitter @dianapearl_ and visit my personal blog, for lots of fashion scoop and personal style with some entertainment thrown in. Contact me with suggestions, comments or snarky remarks at any time

Yes, James Franco and Anne Hathaway are young and hot and hip and that’s probably why they’re this year’s Oscar hosts.

But there was someone who was strangely more charming than both of them combined. It was the 95-year-0ld Kirk Douglas. He seemed happier to be there then anyone else at the show. Seriously, they couldn’t even get him off the stage. And no matter if it was intentional or not, he managed to make everyone in the audience feel incredibly uncomfortable. This was the kind of head-scratching, unpredictable moment the Oscars could use more of:


George Clooney is one good looking man, but he didn’t look too happy last night at the Oscars. Poor guy, someone throw him an academy award.

[via Jezebel, “Oscar the Grouch”]

~Krystie Yandoli, Blog Editor

This was by far one of my favorite parts of The Academy Awards last night. Props to Ben Stiller for his convincing Avatar costume, and kudos to “the academy” for not voting Avatar as the best picture of the year.

Sorry this video sucks, YouTube doesn’t have a clear version of this yet.

~Krystie Yandoli, Blog Editor

Pre-show grooming, gotta look GOOD.

With all the Oscar-nominated film saturation this winter (not complaining, it’s a welcome change from the “National Treasure: Book of Secrets” of yesteryear), and critics’ raves about so-and-so’s comeback, exorbitant production costs, and the unending media coverage that the Best Picture nominees have been receiving, it’s easy for the lesser-known award categories to get lost amidst the hype and shoved under the red carpet. But it would be an outright crime against cinema to fail to recognize five of the most vivid – albeit shortest – films contending for a shiny little gold man this coming Sunday: Animated Shorts. (more…)