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One of the things I’ve noticed in my years at Syracuse University thus far is that more and moreĀ students of Asian descent have been coming to our school. Itā€™s interestingĀ because I’ve heard that just six or seven years ago, Asians were a bit of a rarity at SU. Since ourĀ campus now promotes and literally displays diversity all around, I thought thatĀ many people would be more aware and open-minded of the multiculturalism on ourĀ campus. But I guess I was wrong.

Just this past weekend, I was walking with a couple of my Asian friends on Euclid when a, possibly intoxicated, group of Americans called out to us, automatically labeled us as ā€œChineseā€ and mimicked what Chinese people supposedly soundĀ like. Note that this has happened MANY times, not just this past weekend. Most of the time, we just let it go because theyā€™re an ignorant mess. But IĀ thought itā€™s about time I stand up for myself and my other Asian friends on thisĀ campus and address these sorts of situations.