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Originally, I was going to make this about how the only time you hear about violent extremism, it is almost always right-wing ‘patriots’ who seem to think that bigotry, hatred and violence are the most American thing since apple pie. Unfortunately, the douchebag Occupy Oakland vandals decided to piss all over that for me. But regardless, their petty acts of vandalism pale in comparison to the level of violence planned in Georgia by a group of right-wing geriatrics that I will loathsomely dub ‘Faketriots.’

Apparently, these Faketriots decided they had enough of government intervention, all likely while being on Social Security and Medicare, and decided that it was time to heave themselves off their hemorrhoid doughnuts, take a beta blocker and after Bingo, plot a little domestic terrorism.

"Sorry, can't watch "Price Is Right" with you. I've got plans..."

I’d just like to preface this with a statement: I do not begrudge the Occupy Oakland movement as a whole. This address is strictly to the dumbasses that seem to think that smashing windows and spraying graffiti is a good way to make progress. I’ll put it to you all quite simply: you are deluded, violent criminals and are no better than those we fight against. You are all traitors to the cause. Shit like this has absolutely no place in these protests. All you are doing when you act violently is give the entire movement a bad name and grant sympathy to the institution we are fighting against.

Great job, douchebag; you sure showed them.

This movement is about something far greater than your petty desire to break and paint shit. The entire Occupy movement has a fragile enough peace with the authorities doing everything in their power to shut down the movement. You just gave them the pretense they need to slam us all and lump us in with you. So, what you did makes me draw one of two conclusions.