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Looking for a better way to waste your time? Is Facebook just not cutting it these days? Well, this isn’t much better–but it’s more fun than getting bitter about how your friends didn’t invite you out last night. Here’s a friendly reminder that it could always be worse.

Introducing, the “Mug Shot Matchup Game.” You’re shown a row of mugshots, like this lovely lady’s. You’re also shown a bunch of occupations or weapons, unmatched, to these mug shots. The fun part: guess which occupation or weapon belongs to which convict. So was she a stripper, a telemarketer or a host at Red Lobster? Find out! Yes, this is completely serious. Kind of terrible, but it’s all in good fun, right? Enjoy, Jerks!

Warning: Possible addiction might occur. If you catch yourself playing longer than 30 minutes and find no productive work being done, Jerk is not responsible for your failed test.

-Julia Fuino