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Eat them in muffins, pancakes, smoothies and yogurt or just pop them straight into your mouth; blueberries are a fantastic treat for the end of the summer. Recently discovered as a great source of antioxidants, blueberry production has expanded over the last 25 years, including in Syracuse. Go to Wegman’s and you can get these berries year-round, or go support the local farmers’ markets and get berries with a taste you cannot beat.

As one of the hardest berries, blueberries can last 10-14 days in the fridge and even longer when frozen, making them a berry with the perfect shelf life for a college student. Whichever you decide to do, store bought or locally grown, fresh or frozen, here are some great microwavable recipes for those of us living in the dorms–or those who really can’t cook–during the next semester.

Taking its cue from Starbucks, Panera Bread is beginning to pop up everywhere. The bakery/cafe will now open two more stores in the Syracuse area by the fall. One store will be opening in Auburn, but the location most SU students will care about is at Carousel Mall. Set to open Sept. 26, the Panera Bread in Carousel will be located on the first floor right across from Ruby Tuesday. Besides the fact that this opening will add another chain restaurant to Syracuse, there are three more reasons Jerk believes that a Syracuse Panera Bread is a good option.

Healthier options in the mall: When you go to Carousel for the day, your only options for lunch/dinner are fast and greasy food. Panera Bread offers fresh salads and lean sandwiches for those of us watching and caring about what we eat.

Warm soup on cold days: The soup options at Panera Bread are to die for, especially during the winter. A warm bowl of soup is usually just the thing I need when there is a blizzard brewing outside. While all the soups are good, the classic Chicken Noodle always does the trick and it is even better inside a bread bowl.

Free food: Or samples–call them what you like. Instead of going to the Chinese place for disgusting chicken, head over to Panera Bread. They always have a bowl for bread samples in the front of the store. If you need a little energy while shopping, take a piece or two and you’re good to go.

-Nicole Fisher

After living week by week with its finances, ending its season early and sending people home with worthless tickets, the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra had to declare bankruptcy last year. Yet, it’s 50 year run is not over yet. When Chancy Nancy heard about the tragedy, she committed her staff and the university’s resources to this catastrophe.

Headed by Ann Clarke, the VPA dean, and Jeffry Comanici, the VPA assistant dean for placement, SU has, very quietly, been working on finding a way to make the orchestra a success again. Looking into their finances and examining the last time the orchestra made a profit are two ways officials have started surveying the issue. University officials have yet to really talk about the program, so many details are left unknown. Who knows, SU musicians, you might have a job offering right around the corner.

-Nicole Fisher

Whether you’re stuck in Syracuse for a month before school starts or looking forward to getting back to the Hill, everyone should check out the NY State Fair. Along with the same fantastic food, ridiculous rides and extraordinary exhibits, this year the fair will have some new features.

Upgrades: No more ride tickets. Yes, the NY State Fair has finally entered the 21st century. The FunCard, which functions like a ticket debit card, will replace all paper tickets this year. Usable for rides at the Midway and at Kiddieland, this is the first time the card will be used at a major fair in NY state.

Thrills: A new array of rides will satisfy the needs of adrenaline junkies and families alike. With rides like the Sky Flyer, The Happy Swing, Wind Jammer and Ali Baba, everyone is assured to have a great time. Check out the ride descriptions here.

Eat: If you’re looking for a heart attack, make sure to check out this year’s newest food creation: the Big Kahuna Donut Burger. Coming out to about 1,500 calories, this quarter-pound burger with grilled donuts as the bun costs about $5 or $6.

-Nicole Fisher

Many people tend be embarrassed when their underwear hangs out from their pants, but one museum has decided to pay homage to the evolution of the undergarment. Showing the changes and challenges that underwear has endured throughout history, The History Center in Ithaca, NY has a new exhibit called “Underneath It All Underwear Through the Ages.”

Displaying underwear that dates back to the 1800s, the exhibit includes items from the museum’s textile collection and items that were donated by the public. The museums objective through this exhibit is to “give us a glimpse of people of the past in a way that something more overt like a jacket or shirt won’t,” Execitive Director Scott Callan said.

While underwear is an interesting and unusual way to look at history, Jerk also feels like there are other items that might make good exhibits for the evolution of history. Here are some of our ideas:


Even though SU alum Dennis Crowley founded Foursquare and SU was found to be one of the most active schools on Twitter, Syracuse has now ranked among the ten least social cities in the United States. NetProspex, a sales and marketing company, calculated the social media presence of cities throughout the country. The Salt City claimed the title of No. 8 “least social cities,” while Anchorage, AK took the top spot.

Many students in the Syracuse area are on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, but NetProspex only included those who use a corporate email. It seems that many people were left out in the calculations. It’s worth noting that many of the cities on the least social list are in obscure places. Also, the majority of the most social cities are on the West Coast.

Want to see the full list, click here. Do you think Syracuse deserved to land on the least social list?

-Nicole Fisher

New Yorkers and Syracuse students, be on the lookout for more options in the wine aisle at Wegmans. Gov. Andrew Cuomo has approved a law that will require fewer regulations for wineries in the state. Some of the changes include less paper work, now allowing farm wineries to apply for just one annual permit. With wine sales accounting for $420 million a year, and an economic impact of $3.76 billion, wine is a big deal. Inspired by this information, check out some delicious drinks that include wine.

It’s getting harder and harder these days for a kid to make a buck or two, and it just got that much harder. Recently in Georgia, a police officer barred three teenage girls from selling lemonade. His excuse: they did not have a business license or the correct forms. If the girls were to get the required forms, it would have cost them $50/day for each permit; they needed three.
The girls have since been forced to shut down the shop and look for an alternative way to save up money for their water park trip. Lemonade stands keep kids from getting bored in the summer. What else are they supposed to do if they are not making crappy lemonade and trying to sell it to strangers walking by? Perhaps, if they had a snack, say a donut, to go along with their refreshing lemonade, the officer might have cut them some slack.
-Nicole Fisher
I don’t know about your grandparents, but sometimes when my grandmother drives, she doesn’t look at the road. She becomes too focused on chatting about this and that, her eyes begin to wander and then, suddenly, her head is turned, looking at me in the backseat. On the other side of my family, I’m pretty sure my grandfather’s breaks have not been checked in 20 years. I remember driving his car one time and having to slam on the breaks; the car just continued to glide, eventually coming to a stop.

Going off these experiences, I’m surprised that the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia released a study finding that kids are safer driving with their grandparents than anyone else. It seems crazy to me that the demographic with the most accidents should be the ones you trust your children with. Yet, while there are many crashes involving older drivers, the study proved that fewer injuries actually occur in these accidents.  Makes sense, if most grandparents drive at the speed mine do. A tortoise could beat my grandfather in a race.

-Nicole Fisher

It took officials six years to catch these thieves. Ronald Mancuso and Sean McGuigan, two Syracuse natives, stole $2.9 million from the city of Syracuse. Instead of simply breaking into a bank, taking the money and bailing, it took these two a little longer to fill their piggy banks. Collecting their loot during the late hours of the night, Mancuso and McGuigan smashed parking meters and collected the coins. Now fighting a lawsuit by the city, Jerk wonders what these two guys were planning on using the money for. Here are a couple ideas we came up with, if we had $2.9 million burning in our pockets: