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Justin Bieber’s twitter received quite a bit of attention after he revealed that some of his personal footage was stolen. Come to find out, the whole thing was a publicity stunt for his new music video with Nicki Minaj, called “Beauty and the Beat.”

If you’re in class and can’t listen, I’ll give you a play-by-play. The video starts off in ridiculous fashion, that being, at a water park. Aside from Nicki’s pom pom boob look, there’s a shout out to Selena Gomez, crazy hair, and some interesting choreography. There are synchronized swimmers and most likely the whole cast of Cirque du Soleil just doing their thing, fawning over the teeny-bopper in his custom made sneakers, and making the video exactly what it is: strange.

It is indeed a bizarre Bieber world, yet I still somehow manage to listen to the entire song. Did I mention that “Boyfriend” was my guilty pleasure over this past summer?

Anyway, when you get the chance, check out the video and let me know what you think.

– Sophia Kim

In 1987, when Will Smith and his partner, DJ Jazzy Jeff, stepped on to the scene with their debut album “Rock the House,” no one could have predicted what would follow. Will Smith has risen through the ranks and has become an incredibly powerful celebrity known for both his rapping and his acting. Although heavily criticized, he has come out on top and expects the same of both all his children.

Willow Smith, the youngest of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s children, has launched a music career that has put her in the public eye, and she is well on her way to replicating her father’s career. Will Smith’s hip hop career was frequently poked fun at because of his clean rap, but there are different reasons why I foresee a dark future in the music industry for Willow Smith. With the recent release of her new single, “Fireball,” it is time to remind music fans why pop music is so drastically deteriorating.

I don’t know what Will did for Jay-Z in order to get his daughter signed to Roc Nation, but there is no way that it could have possibly been worth it. In “Whip My Hair” Willow’s screeching, obnoxious voice made Rebecca Black sound like Adele–and her songs haven’t gotten any better. Willow’s first mistake in “Fireball” was drafting Nicki Minaj. Minaj has never helped anyone’s case and this song is no exception.

It’s not to say that the son or daughter of a former music star can’t be successful, but it is rare. Diggy Simmons, son of Rev Run of Run DMC fame, has generated a well-deserved buzz and a pretty substantial fan base. Willow Smith shouldn’t rush but rather enjoy her childhood, play with dolls, learn to ride a bike and try to develop her singing skills.

-A.J. Allen

Wheelchair Jimmy from “Degrassi” is all grown up. On Nov. 15, Drake released his highly anticipated sophomore album “Take Care.” After postponing the album from its original Oct. 24 release date, it has finally become available for all the world to hear.

The tone of the album reflects Drake’s debut release, “Thank me Later.” The majority of the tracks are very R&B oriented and many of the songs are about his relationships with women. However, when Drake does rap, it is extremely well-executed and shows great progress from the already extraordinary “Thank Me Later.” The album’s weakest qualities are the extraneous artists that have features on Drake’s songs. Lil’ Wayne, Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj add nothing to the album, and all of the songs that they are featured on could have benefited from an additional Drake verse.

A perfect example of an unnecessary feature is “HYFR” with Lil’ Wayne. Lil’ Wayne is so prominent on this track that the song may have been better off on “Tha Carter IV.” “Weezy’s wheezy voice does nothing but take away from the album’s previously established tranquility.

On the contrary, “Look What You’ve Done” is the album’s most emotionally driven song. It focuses on Drake’s love-hate relationship with his mother and the problems that they have endured. The piano complements his voice perfectly and sets the mood for the song as one that is both reminiscent and celebratory.
Listen to this album, and I guarantee that it will become a staple for any late-night car ride.

-A.J. Allen

Last week on “The Ellen Degeneres Show,” one future English popstar and her sidekick met and performed with Nicki Minaj. There are so many things I could say about this video, but I think it speaks for itself.

-Victoria Troxler

Nicki Minaj and Pitbull announced the 2011 American Music Award nominees  on Tuesday afternoon.  The American Music Awards will air on ABC November 20, and the results are in YOUR hands.  So, I’m a bit confused.  This is the American music awards, right?  Yet Adele, hailing from London, tops the charts with four nominations.  Come on, America! We can’t even win our own awards?

All jokes aside, it looks like this year is going to be a battle between old favorite Lady Gaga and newcomer Adele.  Although I use the term “old”  loosely, because it was only 2009 when she was up for Breakthrough Artist of the Year, and she didn’t even win.  That was a shocking night when Gloriana, a small country band, took home the trophy for that award.

Artist’s up for the New Artist of the Year award this year include Foster the People, Hot Chelle Rae, The Band Perry, Thompson Square, Marsha Ambrosius, Miguel, LMFAO, and Wiz Khalifa.  Even though there are eight nominees now, the list will get cut to four before the night of the awards through pre-show voting.

The major award of the night goes to Artist of the Year.  Joining Gaga and Adele in the running are Katy Perry, Lil Wayne, and Taylor Swift.  All other three nominees are up for other awards as well.  In my opinion, the show is not about the awards, but about the performances.  So make sure to tune in and watch Lady Gaga hang from the ceiling, Britney kiss Madonna, and Kayne cut off Taylor Swift…or, you know, something along those lines.

Here is New Artist of the Year Nominee Foster the People’s chart topping single, “Pumped Up Kicks” remixed by Vaski.

-Hayley Isaacson

Model Coco Rocha recently tweeted,“The word ‘fashionista’ has lost all meaning (if it even had any to begin with).” I approvingly tweeted back #preachsista. According to urban dictionary, fashionista is defined as “a person devoted to fashion clothing, particularly unique or high fashion.” In this day and age of fashion bloggers and reality TV star overload, it seems like everybody and their mother are trying to get their foot in the fashion door.

While some are genuinely stylish, others are just plain tacky. When reality TV stars like JWoww, DJ Pauly D and The Kardashians have actually been backed to start their own clothing linesthe term ‘fashionista’ becomes fuzzy. I know, I love the Kardashians too, but a line needs to be drawn.

While, yes, fashion is supposed to be a means of self-expression, celebrities from the likes of Lady Gaga to Nicki Minaj have brought it to a new, extremely unnecessary level. Sure these “celebrities” are entertaining at a distance, but I wouldn’t exactly call the pom-pom shirt that Nicki Minaj donned during New York Fashion Week a wardrobe staple.

There’s only so much fugly we can take people! So please, do us a favor and stick to the over-dramatization that you’re used to and leave the fashion to those of us who actually know a thing or two.

-Taylor Bryant

Nicki Minaj tweeted earlier today that the video for her track “Super Bass” will premiere this Wednesday on BET’s 106&Park, a top-ten hip-hop music video show, similar to TRL. We all know what that means: more wigs.

In the video for “Your Love,” which has an oriental-vibe, Nicki wore a sleek, black wig with angular cuts and bangs as well as an up-do complete with chopsticks. Halfway through her performance, she surprises watchers by appearing in a short style with bangs that looks a little bit like those of Cruella Deville.

“Knock-Out,” a duet Minaj did with Lil’ Wayne, shows Nicki in a wig with three different colors: blonde, cotton candy blue, and pink. That doesn’t make me want to jam to your song, Nicki. It just makes me hungry.

Lastly, “Moment 4 Life,” a newer track which features Drake, opens with Nicki as a princess in a long, natural black wig. She later dons a similar pink one, staying true to her image as Barbie. I highly doubt that hair dye even existed in Cinderella’s time. Get your facts straight, Nicki.

What style or color will she rock in her latest video? I guess, the world will have to wait until Wednesday at 6:00 on channel 29 locally. Until then, brainstorm some ideas with People Magazine.

-Christina Sterbenz

Diamonds are forever

I heard about Melody Ehsani, a jewelry/shoe designer from L.A., a few years ago because Rihanna was wearing her creations. Ehsani is cool as hell, which I would know through the obscene amount of time I have spent on her Tumblr. She is of Iranian descent, which comes through in her mentality and worldview.

Celebrities such as Rihanna, Erykah Badu, and Nicki Minaj love her work. She has been featured in countless videos such as Massive Attack (Nicki) and S&M (Rihanna). Her talent comes from tapping right into what makes girls feel powerful and strong.

Rihanna in Melody ring and earrings.

She makes statement jewelry; her pieces always stand out and make an impression. Her influences come from all over. A lot of her early work is reminiscent of old Hip-hop style with a heavy focus on gold, big four-finger rings and chains draped with in-your-face L.A. swag.

Erykah Badu wearing Ehsani earrings

As I continue gushing, I have to mention that another thing I love about Melody is how conscious she is. She always tries to give meaning to her work, making pieces that have strong heritage and represent various cultures. She also makes a statement against discrimination with her look books. In her last one, she opted for models that are underrepresented in the industry. Melody is the shit, and I’m fully on her team as she continues to rise.

–Nadjma Sako